You Go Girl!

Cute but fortunately too many weapons to be cuddly ; )

Ugh, all the 4s and 6s are sold out already!

While Buffy and Scully were a HUGE part of my formative years, I’m tempted to get this shirt just for the presence of the flawfree Agent Peggy Carter.


Not sold out - not offered at all. Woot doesn’t seem to want my money for another five years, when my daughter gets big enough.

What the hell? No women’s XL and no little kids sizes? I guess Woot doesn’t want my money for myself OR my daughter?!

The women’s XL is available in the Silver color - though zero kid sizes are.

This design features many strong women. Well done.

And I love the inclusion of Uhura’s hoop earring. So iconic.

No AA option? I thought the AA shirts were back for good :frowning:

officially all my favorite female characters on one tee!

Some of them are my childhood crush
:smiley: haha

Is that Xena Warrior princess holding the “Y” letter?


I’ve got some but can’t place all, please list the characters…

Unfortunately, that was just for Independence Day. They need to bring them back for good. Sign the petition.

It’s spelled Hyacinth Bucket, which is why she’s constantly saying “It’s pronounced Bouquet.” It’s also the sort of mistake that simply googling “Hyacinth Bouquet” would have corrected, which is ironic because everyone who doesn’t know who she is (and actually cares) is going to do that.

I don’t know them all either, but here’s most–

(don’t know)-Riley (from Aliens)??
Merida-uh, Game of Thrones?-Leia-Uhura

Anyone care to fill in the missing, please? Thanks!


Row 2 “G”= Agent Carter

Patsy Stone is bloody amazing, sweety. Thank you for that reference!
PS: It’s b-u-c-k-e-t, bouquet.