You Go Girl!

I have twin daughters who are amazon 2 years old … So, xs or 4 would fit my tallest, scrawny girl and my slightly shorter, pudgy-er twin … If they had offered 4, I would have bought 2 and 2 in a larger size, like 8. So, you COULD have gotten 4 shirts out of me. Alas, no shirts. I cannot justify buying a shirt they won’t fit into for several years (to my husband) unless it’s a replacement for something they wear now. tsk tsk. Actually, I probably would have bought a matching one for myself, so, you lost 5, not 4. Good luck to the artist, though.

infant or at least toddler sizes please! Would love to get this for my infant daughter, but it would be years before she could wear any of the available sizes.


Some of my faaavs:


Dana Scully

Daenerys Targaryen

but… alas, there is no

Which makes me saaaad

I was looking for Kaylee, too! Oh, well, you’re right, it’s still good.

How do you order the blue shirt!?!?

I’m sorry that color option was only available on the day we launched this design.

Awww Sad!!!

I mentor a high school robotics team and wore this shirt a couple of times during our build season. :slight_smile:

I would love to see this in a MOUSE PAD!!! MOUSE PAD … please!