You Gotta Be Crapping Me

You gotta be crapping me. It was in my cart and i clicked buy now and was informed it was sold out. That seems like bs to me, like how fast am i supposed to click once it is in my cart successfully.
Edit: just realized i’ve been buying stuff on here for almost 10 years and never once had a boc go through for me even though it has been in my cart multiple times. i’m done, consider this my good bye. now to figure out how to delete my account…

I’m ready to be thoroughly disappointed!

75% when it popped up, had to log in and managed to get it… HOLY COW

I’ll probably regret this in a week or 2

Happy I got one, but happier I don’t have to stay up any later.

Woo Hoo! I’ll be sleepwalking at work tomorrow, but it will be worth it! Sweet dreams and good luck to everyone else!

Yay for insomnia!

I accept this purchase in celebration of Boston’s latest championship win! Its crappy and this will be too!

No probably, you will.

no joke on that woot off bummer there

got one but might be sorry it in a week or 2… still got the crap some where in the house I got years ago!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Man my 5 month old wakes up screaming, the wife gets up to feed her so I check woot. Saw router was 1%. Logged back in, refreshed and now have crap incoming! Pure luck, I owe it all to my little leprechaun

I’m taking my Mom to the casino tomorrow and was just emailing her to let her know about the woot-off and jokingly ask if she would prefer to try to win a BOC instead. I paused long enough to reload the page a few times since it was at the end of a product and… low and behold… managed to get a BOC!

OK, they seem to have gone way downhill but at least I’ll have a surprise to look forward to after losing my money tomorrow.

The stuff I got last time truly was crap. I got a Ninja blender set with everything BUT the motor part lol. Useless.

Got one, woot!


And you were 1st! Congrats!

That’s actually a woot-recommended way of getting there faster. You are learning well young padowoot.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! congrats :slight_smile:

Don’t let any crap hit you on the way out!

Honestly the description for the item says prepare to be disappointed and if not getting a disappointing thing is disappointing to you then I don’t know how to help.
Holy consumerism batman.

Godluck and goodspeed!

(btw I got a letter last wootoff, along with a CRAPLOAD of stuff in the second box; just use the community page and do your best! It’s not supposed to be easy! I know it’s painful, I’ve even bitched too, but get over it and have fun. night!)

Yeah, I’ve been on here since 2006 or something…bought quite a bit of stuff, but have never ONCE been able to snag a Basketful of Curmudgeons. I think Woot should just go ahead and send us both one.

Ditto. I got two craps this year and I honestly am done. Dollar store junk and pieces of a pen? I’m officially out WOOT. Done.

but you’re still here?


Congrats to all who got one! You are going to be wildly disappointed.