You Guys Wanted Pics of Me...RED LIGHT DISTRICT!

Guys-the dress up pic is kind of a rare photo. I don’t normally wear bandanas and hats and weird stuff like that…seriously. I don’t do that everyday-like-giggle-It’s rare.

Just so you guys can get an idea of what a professional designer I am.
Executive whispers: “psst,stpspspt”
Me: OOOHHH…okay.

Okay-here’s a normal picture of me, see what a well rounded good adjusted role model for society I am here?

Hmph. Call me a prostitute clown in a red light district, will you? You really know how to rub my red nose the wrong way, don’t you?


How common a name is Kim?
Cause if you know (name removed because it came up on google) , I still want my DVD!

umm…how common is the name john?

how many people like cake? c’mon now.

Yeah, well from the picture you might live around here. I’m trying to find out if you know a kid who owes me a copy of a student film.
He made me drive to NJ (because he moved) and poured red food dye on my clothes (which comes out of some materials, but not others)
I want my copy!
I mean, if I wouldn’t do it, he would have to recast the film. I’m the only middle age white women he knew well enough to drive to NJ and have her clothes ruined so they could be killed by a vampire!
(well, he could just flip the vampire and the kid who had to revenge his mothers death, then he could have used his own mother)

Does anyone have any idea what she’s talking about?

no-New jersey, what the heck?
i’m in huntington beach, ca

Oh well.
I’ll never get that tape.

Pew! Pew! That whole conversation shot right over my head.

From: Page 4 "What does your screen name mean?

Wow, you look terrific for a 54 year old man!!!

BTW: I understood everything D’name said on this thread. She helped a kid out by acting in a video in NJ and never received a copy of the movie. The kids last name was Kim and she was wondering if he knew him…so she that she could finally get her copy.

Someone’s 88 PM’s showing up on my screen this time. Twice today that has happened. Hmm

Thank you.
See people, that wasn’t hard!

I actually understood what she was talking about too…that scares me!!!


thank you. i’d like to thank my plastic reconstruction and skin molding sponsors, as well as Subway. Thank you subway.

it was actually. but thank you, for leading this thread off track, because it should have never even been on the track in the first place.



Posting randomly in old thread.

I almost posted in the first listed thread (last post sometime in '05) last night just for the heck of it. But I decided against it. So I will just live vicariously through you.