You Killed My Father

Wait, Vader’s got six fingers?

Technically, Vader has no fingers.

Wow, this is thrilling! Thanks to everyone for the support. And thanks to my sister Michelle for the idea. I guess I really do owe her lunch and a shirt.

I will take lunch wearing a shirt, yes. :slight_smile:

Hello my name is Inigo Skywalker, you killed my father, prepare to die.

This is the one I was most pulling for. I will be taking advantage of the $10 deal.

The question is why anyone hasn’t thought of this mash-up before? It feels like a no-brainer idea now.

i don’t understand this shirt at all.

Technically he has robot fingers.

It’s a great shirt and funny mashup. I sincerely hope it does well for the 10K Cup (oh, one of which has poison in it).

Skywalker Threepwood?

Who is the guy on the right? He kind of looks like a pirate, but I don’t recognize him.

Man, at first, I thought this was from Monkey Island for sure! Insult dueling is the best kind of dueling.

Congrats, Paxdomino! Great design!

I believe an explanation is in order, and if I do not get one I will not be very happy.

Nice! congrats Pax to both u and ur sister!

The perfect style for a perfect idea. Good luck pax!

Star Wars & The Princess Bride (Vader meets Inigo Montoya).

Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride

[QUOTE=htcru, post:18, topic:425166]
Star Wars & The Princess Bride (Vader meets Inigo Montoya).


D’oh htcru beat me by a couple minutes AND had more info!