You Mean 10?

I’ll take 10.

i know it wasn’t possible with the derby, but it would’ve been fun to have this available on the recent palindrome date of 01022010…

I prefer 10 + 10 = 100

Looked at the link and saw 2 instead of 10. Awesome.

01000111 01101111 01100100 repeats in each row. That decodes to “God” in ASCII code.

taking the excellent, forward thinking, paradigm shattering robot as my example, I’m mulling it over…

There had been recent TV articles pointing that out. You can get shirts with that on now.

It looks like it says “God” int the 2??


There’s some cross-wootination going on here. This shirt’s condition seems to be a favorite computerish phrase for some writer, as they also used it inthis write-up. Not that I blame them. It’s a good phrase.

Does this mean the shirt is really $2?

Alright! Glad to see this print tonight!

There are lots of ways to interpret what’s going on here, so I look forward to reading them…

As for me, I came up with this design as a metaphor for how we humans don’t really seem to be wired to be able to truly wrap our brains around stuff like the meaning of our existence or God, but maybe we’re actually thinking about it more than we know.

…on a shirt!

Also, I’ve been wanting to do a design with cranberry red on an orange blank. AND from afar I think the big “2” will make it kind of look like a sports jersey, but up close it’ll be a story about robots. Perhaps a flag football team could use this as its jersey (even though they’d all have the same number). I actually got an email from a Frisbee team who all wore the Fat Unicorn shirt, so who knows?

I hope you enjoy the design. Thanks for the print, woot!

But…but… that’s only two kinds!!!

yes, i’m aware of that–i just would’ve liked the numbers overload of combining that day & this shirt.

Why not? Let’s call him ELLIOT after my son.

I have to say, I like this shirt, but I really laughed out loud up when I realized what the binary was in ascii. :wink:

Yeah, that would be cool. This shirt looks better than the 2010 ones.

Your message is deep!

I like the Team Robot idea…

You can be right twice and say 10 * 10 = 100.

So that poor robot must be processing the meaning of existence or what happens after shut-down.