You Only Live x 1


Succinct + convincing.

Is that an 8-bit Nathan Hale?

This shirt is wrong :frowning: Most retro games have the last life at [ x 0 ], not [ x 1 ]. Fail shirt is fail.

Very astute observation, I thought the same exact thing.

If this is a Mario/Jersey Shore mashup I am going to literally cry angry tears of blood.

Current life + zombie apocalypse life?..

I would love to wear this shirt while going out and about with a person wearing a 1+Up reference shirt, and walk side-by-side for the LOLs.

Funny idea I suppose, but yeah. X1 is totally incorrect by retro gaming standards, and I don’t need some extreme gaming nerd boomeranging me in the back of the head with a NES controller for wearing this.

If it was an actual Mario and was “x0” I’d totally have bought this.

So, is this a play on James Bond or this awful yolo fad? Mario never gave up and died after one. He came back for one last beyond the grave run straight into the lava.

The thing I don’t get is… I’m pretty sure the phrase “You only live once” was in use decades, at the least, before that guy came along.

Allow me to share a brief, yet strangely haunting video from 5 Second Films about the YOLO fad.

funny a$$ shirt, even tho x0 would be right… im still in for one!

This is the only YOLO that’s worth a damn.

So we’re using video games as a metaphor for life, eh? I’d say I’m stuck on the “your prince is in another castle” routine for now.

So maybe this shirt isn’t so retro video game correct (x 0 vs. x 1) but it’s more math correct. Anything x 0 = 0 so it has to be x 1 to make it “you only live times one”.

Well, the implication is that the little guy is stockpiled lives.

So [GUY] x 0 means you have no extra lives, and that guy you have down there jumping on turtles and shooting fireballs is your only one.

It should of been X 5

No, because x 0 means no EXTRA LIVES. That’s what it meant on retro games (where lives mattered anyway).

Not sure how well this would juxtapose with an [UP] [UP] [DOWN] [DOWN] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [LEFT] [RIGHT] (B) (A) (START) hat…