You Say You Want A Resolution.......


OK, Y’all.
Spit em out here.
What are your resolutions for 2007?


-Get a job
-Get a man

  • Get a bulldog.
    -have fun!

Ok, here are mine.

  • Try to eat better
  • Get a little more exercise, even just walking more often
  • Do some volunteer work on a weekly basis.

I think those are fairly modest, achievable goals.


I haven’t made any resolutions. Haven’t given it any thought.


Well, get onto it, young man!!
Time’s a wasting and you aren’t getting any younger!!!



I don’t “do” resolutions since I never… well… “do” them.


Yeah, I know.
But it’s fun anyhow.


That’s right. I’m getting too old for resolutions.

Only thing I’ve got that’s close to a resolution is to stop buying so much stuff online.
At least until I get some debts paid down / off.

  • Feed My Head
  • Be Healthier
  1. Graduate from college.
  2. Play more golf
  3. exercise

Cruzer, you around?
Daughter just asked about you.


eat better
write more often/work on novel
simplify by getting rid of extras I don’t need
buy a house


Eat better (duh)- More buffalo, boneless skinless chicken, etc
Buy more winewoots (gotta stock my wine coolers)
Be nicer to people (If ya can’t tell, I can be kinda bitchy!)
Lose 15 lbs (to fit into my wedding dress so I can remarry the hubby)
Spoil my grandbaby rotten! (PS, I’m not Anna Nicole just because I married an older guy!)


Bleh, I still fit in my wedding dress, but I’d rather gnaw my own arm off than remarry acedad, lol.



I’m really going to try to woot one of these days.


Don’t give in to that peer pressure!!!
Save yourself for…The One!!!


Which one?


THE One.


Well, as someone who is active in politics, I guess I’d better pick a Republican to support in the primaries…
This is gonna be tough.


the Presidential one?
Geez, who’s even in?
Heard a lot about the dems, but little about the Republicans.