You Shall Not Octopass

Poulpe was probably angry for not being one of the squids on the ark.

He’s gonna need a bigger boat.

(Note: This is identical to the comment I posted on yesterday’s shirt. I feel that it’s still apt.)

Yaaay! I’m glad to see this one! :smiley:

Yes! I so called this weekend in the contenders thread! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Annnnnnnd…now I’m out thirty dollars.

Would have been better if the animal it was taking off the boat was a Unicorn.

What? No ark angel?

Is Poseidon mad at Noah? there is no other reason that he would have sent his Kraken to attach that boat.

Yes! Between this and Drakxxx’s shirt, both of the shirts I wanted won! There goes $20.

Noooo! Not the llama! Anything but the llama!

is that what really happened to the unicorns?

I feel kind of sorry for that one llama…

Hey! Wait a minute…
So THAT’S what really happened to the unicorns!

I hope we don’t have too many more shirts full of tentacle action


It’s eshto hemingway’s last great piece: The Old Man and the Squid.

good to see wooters are taking the rainbow back!!!

Yes! Three midnights in a row have paid off most handsomely!

I totally thought the same thing and was dissapointed it was a lama.

A very, very tentacley set of derby prints, indeed!

Good ones though. Congrats, eshto!

Cryptozoological humor aside, llamas are roughly 535 times cooler than unicorns.