You Shall Not Octopass

This is completely analogous to the timeless classic film The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Clearly the mother giant squid is trying to rescue the baby giant squid which Noah kidnapped in order to start a world class zoo on an island in Costa Rica.

every time i see this, i think noah is going golfing

God created all things…including the capacity for this joke about an important biblical story.

The animals don’t seem very concerned. Do they trust Noah to get the job done…or do they just don’t care? Then again, empathy is supposed to be exclusive to humans…

Yes! I’m so glad this made it. Totally awesome design, and the first Woot shirt I’ve bought in ages.

The secret winning combo move was not only including tentacles but also the bearded guy…frighteningly bright design; jumps right off the blue and GRABS you.

I’m ecstatic this won.

Congratulations to a first-time derby winner. Two designs in the fog in one week was a feat in and of itself; actually getting printed in addition, only your fourth derby, is simply beyond impressive.

Great job, oh, and Madison, WI has had 3 artists printed in the past week. Weird.

In for 2.

I love how it looks like Noah’s Ark is the pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow!

For animal-lovers and zoologists worldwide, this is exactly right :slight_smile:

Thank you so much everyone!!

none of these animals look horrified enough.

good shirt otherwise.

Uh, the title is Moses related, but it’s Noah…? Whatever.

Anyway, hopefully there’s not two giant Krakens too.

I think the animals not being horrified adds to the shirt. I mean, they’re animals. The only being on there that knows that there should be concern is Noah, who is evidently very concerned.

Yay!!! Love this shirt.

I was JUST ABOUT to write that!!! A unicorn or a sasquatch!! Good times.

The llama fights back, though… besides, the unicorn was the appetizer.

 I was gonna say that.  We have Llamas.  Or is it an Alpaca?  
 Buy two, cut and paste, and make it a Pushme Pullyou!

I think the title would have been better as “Thou Shalt Not Octopass”. This one just seems so lame.

Congrats Eshto, awesome work! Also love the pair of platypuses!

I can’t tell if this is a jab at Christianity or a nod to it.

Either way, I totally dig it.

This looks like a job for the Super Best Friends!

Go Buddha, Moses, Joseph Smith, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Muhammad and Sea Man!