You Shall Not Pass

Congratulations mikieleaks?..Oh well I never could spell. But I TOO have that major accomplishment to rival your tiddlywinks/TIC TAC TOE Kingship. I AM THE NEwEST CRoWNED "Middle School Number 2376, ‘Hop Scotch Triple Tier Blindfolded’ First contest,3rd Order,of the OVER 70yrs old, one legged Kingship. So, congratulations to us’n. Mick

Glad I didn’t have Gandalf as my teacher.


My son did not walk across the stage last week with his classmates. He assures me he will graduate H.S. in August.

I wonder if he’d like this shirt. :slight_smile:

Lord of the Ring Binder.

But F- stands for “Fabulous - Fantastic” right? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(What? It doesn’t? Uh oh…)

“FAIL You Fools!”

Somehow I don’t think my administration at school would like me to wear this to school. It might send the wrong message to my students! :tongue:

That’s what summer break is for!