You Vs. The Great Outdoors

Everybody who’d like to see better pictures of the Yukon Outfitters MG-5076 Bugout Bag may do so on the mother ship:

Got one, but woot!, I wish you could generally follow this example of excellent item presentation, because yours leaves room for improvement. Too few images, too small and that zoom/scroll loop feature is quite inconvenient.

One thing about the Campo is that while it’s lightweight, and it folds up flat, it also is about a 2 and a half foot circle when fully closed. So it isn’t a backpacking thing, but it is handy for other purposes.

My brother used one of these in his truck for emergency sleeping accomodations. Set it up in the bed and stored it behind the seats. Came in handy for long road trips.

Anybody know how waterproof this bag is?

It isn’t. It’s a canvas-like material, although it’s probably poly, not cotton. You could probably Nikwax it or something if you needed it to be somewhat water resistant, but I don’t think it’d work real well.

3M makes a spray for fabric that works fairly well.

Is the IST Proline Mask from the IST Proline Snorkeling Kit the correct type of mask to use for scuba diving, or is it only for snorkeling? Would the kit be an appropriate purchase for an inexperienced scuba diver to pick up for use diving during a vacation?

Since the manufacturer seems to suggest that it is for snorkeling only.

If anyone gets the tent, like I did, may I advise upgrading the stakes. The included stakes aren’t very good.

"Hidden shoulder straps for bugging out"

Not sure how “hiding” your shoulder straps helps in bugging out but this bag is about the size of my camera bag. Nice for keeping in the trunk but too small for a serious bugger outer.