You Weren’t Invited

Congrats doomcat~

That dog reminds me of Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.

Double win on the double take derby.
Is this a record?

I’m so excited!! I love this shirt!!

Cat dander, how delicious.

It’s a dooomcat shirt marathon!

I can finally sleep now that I have purchased this shirt. Thank you, woot gods.

If this shirt teaches us one thing, it’s that Mr. Graystripes is selfish.

My irrational hatred of grey shirts is… erm… irrational. I simply cannot buy a grey shirt. Sorry doomcat, but I did buy yesterday’s offering.

Looks like a cross between 101 Dalmatians + the Aristocats (and yes, I mean the Disney version you). Darn cute. Not sure about hygienic. Probably photogenic.

You don’t see too many heather gray shirts using the shirt color as a primary fill color in the design. It definitely adds some texture.

It makes me laugh, but at the same time I almost feel as if I am watching something dirty.

That dog seems a little too excited, and in the wrong kinda way…

dooomcat should become the official sponsor of giving it a second try. even though these two shirts couldn’t win in their own derby, Never Give Up folks. it’s possible to try again be the best.

Boy, Dooomcat is sure putting a licking on the Derby this week, isn’t she?

Congratulations - it’s well-deserved, too!

A Double Dooomcat Dare! Congrats, both designs were very cute!

Whoa, don’t look now but some of those kitties might be ghosts, you can see right through to the t-shirt behind them!

I can already hear Kiss singing “Lick it up!” when I see this shirt.

Will the Kid’s size fit my 10 pound cat?

I think the most disturbing part of this is that the cat’s tail is obscuring the dog even though the tail isn’t colored in. Somehow I’m just really weirded out by that.

Who doesn’t like the taste of kitten?