Youbetchücan!*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed the shirt? Click here to get it after June 8th!

Congratulations rg. I knew you’d make it. :slight_smile:

I always liked this one. I don’t know if I could pull it off, though.

aww nice congratulations!

Aww crap…I was really hoping for the Pican Republic. :frowning:

Looks to close to the meat of the real Obama message. Too painfully close to reality.

In for one… need to work on a new positive outlook on life anyway.

I feel like they should sell these shirts @ IKEA… hahaha. Except IKEA is evil and shirt.woot is cool…

Like it, debating buying it. Hmm, I’ll decide later.

Congratulations, though I grieve for Pica.

thanks… but ez pass

My vote! Congrats…love it. I’m in.

Meh. Rickrollia is current and funny. Youbetchucan? What does that even mean?

Hope I’m not driving you crazy but you HAVE to get this shirt out somewhere. Take a list and see if it’s worth it for you. I am really sad you didn’t make it.

Thanks, e! Good luck with your Friendz design this week. You’ve been a fog regular the past 10 days or so!


i wish more Cool people would vote on the Cool t’s instead of nerdy t’s.
instead we get this boring one. sorry so negative, but it’s the truth.
i really wanted that Bass and lion tshirt. oh well.

Anyone know what the “pluck” part means or is referring to?

I have learned that yellow is not the best shirt colour for me, cute idea though :slight_smile:

The dont let us use prozac in the Youbetucant republic. I cant wait to move.