Your Choice: Adj Laptop Desk/Bed Tray

Your Choice: Adj Laptop Desk/Bed Tray
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New


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Your Choice: Adj Laptop Desk/Bed Tray
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Style: Laptop Desk

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Almost perfect reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the A6 over at


Let’s check out the product page for the A6

If you want, you can buy it from Woot via Amazon for twice the price, hurry though, there is only 1 left (at least in pink)

In all seriousness though, I can’t sit cross legged, or pretty much put any weight on my ankle, so the laptop desk is really appealing.

i have 3 of these. they are pretty much the best things ever.

I was a little worried jumping on this before I read the comments but it seems like I made a good choice. The wife has horrible posture when she is using her laptop in bed and hopefully this will help with that.

I think Woot’s page might have a typo: They say these are ‘Furrino’ brand, but the name appears to actually be “Furinno”.

Overall this seems like an “okay” deal, Amazon has them for a few dollars more after you account for shipping/tax

I also see what appear to be a couple of cheaper clones on Amazon…

correction. 4. i now will have 4. #likerabbits

With the fan or the vent? Which is better?

These are the cat’s meow if you are in rehab. I’ve got 2 of these things - one for bed and one for my work zero gravity chair while I deal with back issues.

Thanks for noticing the typos, the sale should be corrected.

My 15" is heavy, my 17" obviously heavier. With all the positions, I am wondering how sturdy they are and how good at staying in the position that I want it in. Anyone?

This was an easy buy. No more scorched chest in bed for me =)

I’m wondering if these can lock in a flat position. All I see are angles but I would also like to put something else on it if I’m working and sitting up straight.
I looked in amazon and did not see an answer. I do see a photo if it straight but the table is not flat.

I have one that I bought in Feb 2013 from Amazon, and I LOVE IT!

I’m a programmer (and a student) and spend WAY too many hours on my laptop.

I have an old cervical disc injury, and looking down exacerbates that a LOT. I use this stand multiple ways.

  1. I use it on a table to raise my laptop screen to eye-level. Then I simply plug in a USB keyboard and use it (the keyboard) at table height, so I can still rest my arms on the table.

  2. I adjust the stand higher (still on the table) to raise it high enough that I can STAND UP while using my laptop. Takes some pressure off elsewhere! :slight_smile:

  3. My personal fav: I use the lap-top stand in my recliner!

All of the ‘joints’ LOCK into place (to answer a couple of previous questions) and they stay VERY well. In fact, to adjust them you’re probably going to want to take the lap-top off, because it can take a fair amount of force sometimes to ‘unlock’ them. Plus you don’t want to take any chance of the lap-top falling off, while you are adjusting. The description on amazon says the stand holds up to 30 lbs, which is more than any lap-top weighs, (if you are talking computers, that is :wink:

I had three problems with it but only one of them is a limitation of the stand, and all three are only problems when I use it sitting in a recliner - which isn’t an advertised way to use it anyway.

  1. With a lap-top that is 15" in width there isn’t much room to use a mouse on it. I saw some attachment you could buy to put a mouse on, ( but it seemed way over-priced to me, so I just put the mouse on a book on my lap (when using the stand in a recliner, when using it on a table - no problem, I just use the mouse on the table)
  2. I had to rig something up so the legs would not fall between the recliner’s cushion and sides of the recliner.
  3. I had to rig a “light visor” to the top of the screen, when I reclined very far, to keep the bulbs in the light fixture (on the ceiling fan) from shining in my eyes. Probably would have been easier just to turn the light off, or used a floor lamp though!

I really don’t need another one…but such a great price…may just have to pull the trigger. Got any good reasons to justify another one (that would convince a non-techy husband??) Ooh! I know, the FAN!! (mine is just vented - but still I never had a problem with overheating, hmmm, does he know that? :wink: Besides, pink, purple, silver! oh my…

I have the same question, but didn’t see an answer. Same price either way.

Yes. All the joints are adjustable in 15 degree increments around 360 degrees, and that includes all the right angles that you can imagine. That said, there’s not a lot of extra room on the surface even with my 14 inch wide screen laptop. The only other thing I ever put there is my cell phone for conference calls. Doubtful enough to effectively mouse - I’ve tried and the best I could come up with is a trackball. I suppose you could put your soda can on it, but careful.

I Bought one of these to use with a Dell XPS 18. It is a touchscreen all-in-one that basically is just an 18" tablet. It DOES NOT fit between the joints where the legs attach to the tray and thus is raised to the point where the small clip things that keep the laptop from sliding off do not engage the computer. Slightly disappointing but I’m sure can make a mod or 2 and get it to work.

Well crap, now that I go look at the pics I see that the vent only one has a stop that would work with my XPS 18. I, of course, have the other one.