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Your Choice Bates Boots
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2/10/2015 - $59.99 - Click To See Discussion (79 comments)

I got the Velocitor Desert boot previously. It’s one of the worst boots I’ve ever owned - raw, sharp edges on the inside with almost no padding of any kind. I used to live in boots like these (from other manufacturers) and was excited to try a lightweight pair from Bates. I got blisters both days that I wore the Desert boots. I threw them away instead of making Goodwill customers suffer the same fate that I did. Recent reviews on Amazon suggest that the construction has changed/cheapened recently. In my opinion, they’re over-priced if you give them away.

I bought the black last time and performed a break-in by putting on two pairs of socks, soaking them wet (take out the insoles first, wet them, and then put the insoles back in), and then lacing them up TIGHT. I walked for a couple of miles, took them off and dried them. I then cleaned them and treated them with leather conditioner. Then walked another couple of miles with a single thick pair of socks laced up normally. I can now wear them for long periods and they feel as comfortable as my regular tennis shoes, but obviously heavier.

How is the ventilation of these boots? That’s the number one factor I consider.

I have a pair of the Delta Zero (Black) boots.

I just rode about 2,000 miles through West Texas on my motorcycle while wearing these boots exclusively.

Conditions ranged from about 35° to 60°. We rode the first 500 miles in fog up to heavy mist. We also rode about one hour through heavy rain. The rest of the time we have pretty good weather.

I paired these with 2 different socks. Expensive “Smart Wool” socks from REI and Dickies heavyweight work socks.

My feet never got “cold”. There were a few times they weren’t just warm. Surprisingly, I had the best results using the much cheaper Dickie’s socks, my feet were always warm and dry.

My only complaint on these boots is that the zipper pull is TINY and can be down right painful to grip and zip up.

Overall I would highly recommend these boots to other riders.

To bad all the good sizes are gone…would of bought 2 pairs…

I bought a pair of The Desert Zero Mass the last time they were on woot. They are designed by Bates, but manufactured in China. The materials feel a little hokey and cheap, but the boot wears comfortable and is very light.

I can’t comment much on the longevity of the boot, but I have been using them for about a month now and haven’t had any problems.

I am currently wearing the black deltas. I am a girl, and have had this pair for easily 3-4 years. I only would get 1 year out of all prior boots.

I wear them for my public safety job, riding motorcycles, and any time I require boots such as snow shoveling.

They have held up wonderfully. They did take some time to break in, honestly, a good year of wearing them 70-80 hrs a week, but I just wore tall socks during that time and didn’t have many issues.

they are very waterproof…if you need ventilation they are not the right boot.

If you need your feet to never get wet…these are it.

I bought the black Delta Zeros. They have some issues. First of all, the right foot just fits funny, an issue I have never faced in any other shoes I have owned. The front part of my foot is forced to slide to the right, snugging my little toe against one of the triangle. I alleviated this somewhat by removing the stock insole (the one with the removable plastic bubble thingy). However the only way my foot goes in right is with no insert at all, which you can’t do because it makes the boot too loose. They aren’t warm at all, and the zipper is tiny. I do like the ease of removing them though, and they look great

i have had mine for about 10 months and only wear them when i know i’ll be standing for a long time. my right boot did have a sharp edge on the inside but i placed a hard piece of wood inside and hit it with another over the location from the outside and it fixed it for me. not buying another as these still look and feel new. would not say these are warm though. this is for the black delta style.

Worst pair of boots I have ever owned. Uncomfortable from the minute I put them on. The insides will cause sever blisters as the fit and finish is horrid. Every seam was cause for blisters.

Help!! I ordered a pair that turned out to be a tad too big(size 12) . Is there any way I can return them for a half size smaller? Or if I can’t does anyone know where I can get a half size smaller?

Short story is that woot doesn’t do returns/exchanges for sizing issues.