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Your Choice: Beltronics Pro Radar Detector
Price: $159.99 - 239.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 09 to Tuesday, Jun 10) + transit
Condition: New


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Not only are radar detectors banned in Virginia, I believe they will be confiscated permanently if found in use. That’s in addition to the ticket(s) issued.

Time to check out the product page for the RX65 and check out this review of the GX65

Virginia no longer confiscates radar detectors after losing a couple of civil cases over the issue.

Eh, I’m going to pass. The RX-65 is only about $30 more on Amazon brand new ($199.05). Since I have Prime, it’s only $25 more (for me) to get it brand new and with two day shipping. I don’t really want to buy it at $200, but the fact that I could get it new for that little more disincentivizes me from wanting to get it refurbished at this price.

The GX65 is a great detector and has a great price here. It’s a slightly detuned clone of the Escort 9500ix which is the best windshield-mounted detector there is.

The only real diff between this one and the 9500ix is that, while both can recognize and remember false alarms (so they won’t beep when you drive by them again), this one requires you to push a button on the detector to memorize the GPS location and fingerprint of the false alarm whereas the Escort does it for you automatically once you drive by it 3 times.

Other than that, they are virtually identical, same electronics, same button layout, different button shape. But the Escort costs $450 (which is well worth it to me, I bought a second one after the first was stolen; too bad it’s not a thief-detector).

No detector makes you invisible, and you have to know how to use them properly. If you use them wisely, the 9500ix is the next-best thing to being invisible, and this is the same damn thing for nearly a couple hundred less. If I needed another detector, I’d be all over this.

Radar Detectors are just what they say “Radar” detectors. Most, if not all, police agencies use lasers. A laser doesn’t use radio waves like radar. A laser a concentrated beam of light. As soon as it hits your vehicle, it’s got your speed. A radar detector cannot give you a heads up on that!

This is a great deal and I’m getting one. A radar detector is a tool. You have to learn how to use it and what it’s limitations are. And I’d point out radar detectors DO detect laser. It’s just that it’s VERY hard to detect laser prior to it being aimed directly at you and the detector. However, there IS a chance of getting a reflection/scatter from a car in front of you being targeted, IF you are using a detector w/ good laser sensitivity.

Lasers are incredibly hard to beat, but where I live, the vast majority of police still use radar. I’ve seen them testing lasers, but you have to have clear enough line of sight to focus on a particular car and hit it. There are too many obstructions where I live for that. And, most police departments don’t have extra money for laser.

Laser/Lidar speed detection requires clear weather (no fog or rain), a clear shot at a reflective part of the car and must be done at fairly close range from almost directly in front of the vehicle. Plus the officer must be stationary and have a steady hand in order to get an accurate reading. The only place I have seen laser used on surface streets, residential and school zones, rarely do I see it used on highways. Nationally, less than 5% of speeding tickets come from laser devices. A lot of departments are actually going away from laser devices because they are harder to use, can be legally jammed (with a laser shifter) and are easier to beat in court than good ol radar tickets.

The detectors do also detect laser/Lidar - but without a laser shifter it will be to late.

Is an authorized dealer for Beltronics? The warranty is void if they are not…

It’s true that radar/laser detectors only warn you for radar/laser. In addition, it should be noted that just having one won’t magically prevent you from getting tickets. You need to know “how to use them” in the sense of understanding what beeps are what bands, and which ones you should be concerned with. It’s not that hard, but it requires a bit of understanding.

As for laser, as others have implied, a detector will do little to nothing to save you there. Basically, a laser detection means you will be getting a ticket… it’s too late. That said, you can get laser jammers in most states, and I highly recommend this if you are ticket-prone. (And I don’t want to get into the nonsense of “just don’t speed” because I have received numerous tickets just because my car was bright red.)

If you get ANY detector, PLEASE mount it inconspicuously… putting it on the dash or up near the visor with a coil-cord stretch all the way up is a great way to let everyone know you have one, and gives you FAR less chance of getting off when pulled over for a ticket.

All that being said, regarding this detector, I have an RX65 and it’s an excellent device. I chose it over a V1 simply because it’s as sensitive and MUCH cheaper. I can highly recommend it, especially at this price. I don’t know the GX, but I can’t imagine it would be “worse” in any way.

FYI, radar isn’t supposed to be used in fog or rain either… the instruction manuals for most radar guns specifically state this. If you got a ticket, you could easily fight (and potentially win) because of this. (I only say “potentially” because of the kangaroo-court nature of most traffic cases in most states.)

Does it come with a warranty?

+1 PLEASE someone confirm if this will be covered under Beltronics warranty policy cause they deny coverage to unauthorized resellers. This is a huge part of the buying decision!

It’s in the product listing. 90 days on the refurb, 1 year on the new device.

I have read that and just wanted to clarify with woot that they ARE indeed authorized to sell them because Bel and Escort are very picky with their warranties…

I have the older Beltronics. The only time the lasar detector goes off is when I drive up to this particular bar with a neon sign in the window or when I drive into the airport (Buffalo).

I have seen (stationary) crusers with a lasar pointing at each vehicle. Nothing triggers because the beam is so narrow. I hear they aim for one headlight.