Your Choice Crosman Air Rifles

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Your Choice Crosman Air Rifles
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 18 to Tuesday, Aug 19) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the Tan model and the Black model

Looks like bb and pellet not air soft

[MOD: Correct]

From Crosman’s site:
Specifications Overview

Model Number 30117
Pellet Velocity Up to 750 fps
BB Velocity Up to 800 fps
Weight 3.5 lbs
Length 33 in
Mechanism Bolt Action
Power Source Variable Pump
Caliber .177
Pellet Capacity 5 Shot Clip
BB Reservoir 350
Barrel Rifled Steel
Front Sight Elevation Adjustable Pin
Rear Sight Dual aperture windage adjustable peep sight
Safety Cross-bolt
Material Synthetic
Color Tan

Link to the MK177’s manual

Nope. These guns shoot bbs and pellets. Nothing soft about those :wink:

Edit: okay, lead pellets are so soft you can squish them between your fingers, but when they’re flying at 700 fps, that doesn’t matter.

Bring out the highly lethal knives, I can order those, but not a BB Gun.

Hmmmm… looks like decent pellet/BB guns but the M4-177 is the same price ($59.99) on Amazon (only in black) and the MK-177 is $10 cheaper than Amazon but you have to pay $5 in shipping which brings it down to a $5 savings. Not what I would call a Woot worthy Deal.

[MOD: Our M4 is a kit that comes with a scope and other things not included with the one on Amazon. ]

Says unable to ship to NJ. Curious, since airguns just like them are freely sold at sporting goods stores here. I bought one myself not too long ago because of rising ammunition costs for my real guns.

They want to be able to look you in the face as you buy an airgun so you can see their stern look of disapproval. Shoot, I had a checkout lady at Walmart assault me with questions when I checked out with a Crosman 1377. She was telling me not to get it and that I’m going to shoot someone.

Legislators, just like that woman, found out everything they know about guns from TV shows and movies, which is why they make such stupid laws. Fire off an email to your legislators and inform them of your displeasure, and fire them if they don’t act on it.

WARNING: Cops may shoot you if you’re carrying a BB gun (potentially lethal anyways) that looks like a SCAR assault rifle and not complying with demands to drop the weapon.

(I’m from the city the Walmart shooting happened in, and live 4 minutes from the store, know both the cops involved, I don’t believe they did anything wrong.)

Although I’m not sure why a BB gun should be designed to look like this. Too much tacticool form over function.

Buy these while you can. Our police state government may confiscate and restrict the sales of these according to a recent AP story. Anything that resembles a rifle or gun and is not real may be illegal in the near future. Sad.

…tactical rifle.

Remember… assault is the action. You can assault someone with anything, knife, hammer, fist, even your own forehead if you headbutt someone.

Would love to buy one, but I live in idiocracy Illinois.

Yeah, I can easily see a kid with one of these in his hands looking an awful lot like a young terrorist to our already over-stressed law enforcement folks in the right (wrong) circumstance. They are way too realistic-looking IMHO.

Should probably require them to be garishly-colored so they can be distinguished easily like the toy guns they sell now.

Sad state of affairs really.

Huh huh…you said butt.

Typically, in civilian life, assault is the threat to cause harm. Battery is the actual act.

I think, militarily speaking, assault rifles are able to fire in fully automatic mode & federally speaking it refers to semiauto guns that have 2 or more features from a list they came up with.

With that being said…my six yr old thinks it’s funny to headbutt us in the butt. I tried to explain what a pun was & he didn’t have time to listen.

You need a firearm id in NJ to own a pellet/bb gun. This is not an airsoft gun. This is a gun that can be used to hunt small game. As a NJ resident I had to go through the whole process of getting a gun permit in order to purchase my first pellet rifle.

Wow what a great yarn! I now know more about the lady at Walmart than I do about today’s Woot. Did you turn her in for the “assult” or did you tell her one of your great stories?
Looks like this air rifle is not all that powerful, would swap the cosmetics for more power.

They might get a fair amount of “what they know” from the evening news, attending funerals of gun violence victims or seeing a fellow legislator who has been shot and can now barely speak. It might be time to take an objective look at America’s ridiculous love affair with guns.