Your Choice Crosman Air Rifles

Hmm…this is not a Sell Out .

Prices are as same as last month here.

C’mon Woot , you wanna get rid of these or not ?

Walmart Reviews

Check out the comments the last time these were on sale back in August and time to check out the product page for the Tan model and the Black model

I believe that this is the exact model that the guy in Walmart was carrying around and pointing at people when a cop shot and killed him.

Had a local 17 yr old kid with learning disabilities got himself killed because the police thought his CO2 pistol was an actual .45… so, no, I don’t think a BB gun should resemble its’ much more deadly big brothers in any way. Nor can I condone implying that a firearm is a toy by ‘Zombifying’ it or any of its’ accessories.

Sorry, kids always want to grow up too fast and grown ups always want to be kids again.

Don’t recall that story,when and where was that?
Maybe Crosman should include a bag of common sense with each air rifle.

Here ya go…

Aitsoft weapons, pellet guns, airguns, even non-firing replicas… all should be treated like a “real” firearm. Act like a fool in public with one of these and you are asking for the response you’d get if you had the real thing.

I’m perfectly ok with these things looking like their more lethal counterparts. It serves as a reminder that they are dangerous and should be handled properly and with respect for the safety of yourself and those around you.

Sadly… people are dumb.

A high powered pellet gun can cause serious injury and even death. It is a “real gun” in every sense of the word. Attempts to make it look like a toy are misguided at best. The salient question in the linked article from the Ohio Walmart is why wasn’t it locked up like the rest of the guns?

Came here to make a snarky comment about waving these around in Walmart, but found the topic sufficiently covered.

Matthew, I came here to read the hysteria about an ‘evil’ looking gun. I ended up walking into a bunch of reasonable comments. You all realize this is the internets, right?

Yes, this is great for practicing the basics of weapons handling with your kid, but all of the safety rules apply.

Anyways, it was great talking with you all. I’m going to go jump into a flame war on something linked on HuffPo or Drudge.

These things are AMAZING!
I don’t know how they can sell them so inexpensively??
They can pull themselves out of the box…put themselves in someones hands…point themselves at people and the Police…and STAY in someones hands, even when I’m SURE someone is trying to drop them!!
Incredible technology!
Wonder if they can install that kind of technology in school books…condoms??

I can’t believe Walmart!
They should lock everything up behind glass…like old fashion ‘window shopping’…
Have a conveyor to drag everyone thru the store too, so they don’t have to exert themselves…do your shopping with a barcode scanner, and they’ll send your purchases to your house via drone…

It’s definitely THEIR responsibility to protect their customers from themselves…

“The CenterPoint 3x32 mm riflescope is a compact, fixed scope for close-range hunting such as hog or turkey.”

I don’t think I would use this for hog hunting. You are like to mad the hog mad and get killed by the hog instead.

Who takes items out of the packaging in the store and tries it out? Is this normal for Walmart shoppers?

When a cop is pointing his gun at you, why would you not drop the toy you are holding? In case you want to fire back?

Same here! I wanted to say something about an assault rifle vs an air rifle. A .8g BB compared to a 7.9g projectile. The ability to drop a sparrow from 3m compared to the ability to drop a full grown man at 300m. The inability to tell the difference between the two weapons from a distance of less than 1m. The freedom to express stupidity. You can’t regulate idiocy! I personally have seen and experienced enough of what an assault rifle does and what this tool is made for. If confronted with such a weapon aimed in my general direction, I know what I will do. Please be careful!

Hog hunting - not hog killing.

I think it would be much more sporting-like to hunt hogs with a pellet gun. Leveling the playing field, you know.

+1. Even a $5 discount from last time and I would finally have bought one.

Well crap! I just bought one last month on Woot for $70. Hey Woot! can you give me a $10 credit to use on another Woot!?
Can’t really comment on it yet because I’ve not had time to get it sighted in.

It is the same gun - though many reports say he never pointed it at anyone - only one witness claims that, and that witness has not only changed his story, but was also thrown out of the marines for fraudulent enlistment. The family claims the surveillance video proves this guy’s story is false (they claim other people walked right by the guy without even blinking), and they’re requesting that the video gets released (so far the state has denied that, though they have let the one witness who claimed he was waving it around view the tape, after which it appears his story changed again).

The autopsy shows police shot the man in the back.

I’d say the story they police are giving sounds somewhat suspicious…