Your Choice Diamondback Indoor Cycle

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Your Choice Diamondback Indoor Cycle
Price: $679.99
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I was seriously considering this bike, fut from some reviews, I heard the magnetic resistance level does not go high enough for serious climbing. But then, my gym having recently gotten Schwinn Carbon Blue w/magnetic resistance, I can say the ‘resistance’ increases proportionally with RPM, and power exertion required increase exponentially. Thus, if you are going 60rpm and the resistance maxed out, you can bring your leg speed up to 70rpm, and you are exerting 36% more instead of 16% if you were on a friction based resistance bike.

I’m looking for an exercise bike that has a “Down Hill” mode

Same bike is $599.99 with shipping included from Costco:

Incidentally, I JUST returned this bike to Costco yesterday. Today is the last day of the lowered price. My wife and I really liked the bike, however it had an issue with the flywheel. After 1 day of use it started to make a horrible grinding sound, so we had to return it. We decided not to repurchase it though, since it didn’t give us a lot of confidence that it seemed to break after 1 day of use. Other than that, pretty solid bike. Only other complaint was the front handlebars are not adjustable after installation. There are 3 positions to install them in, but you can’t alter it after that (without completely removing them). No big deal unless multiple people plan to ride it with very different size bodies.

I’d actually consider repurchasing it via woot if the price was better than costco, thinking maybe I just got a dud. But with the price significantly higher, would just buy it from there again instead.

I have the 510SR and paid $799.99 for it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I absolutely love it. I get on it every workday, put on the TV and just sweat for 30 minutes. It lacks some features found in lesser bikes, but those lesser bikes lack the quality found in this one. Highly recommended.

What features is it lacking?
heck many don’t have a display this full of features

There is no memory, from one workout to another, and no ability to interface with any kind of progress tracker–two features that some may consider important. I wanted those, but thought having a quality bike was more important.

It is likely just some alignment problem, frequently due to it being bumped during shipping. which could be fixable by yourself. These exercise bikes are not maintenance free, so you should have opened it up and try to eliminate the noise, since you will be doing it sooner or later. In some of lesser gyms, all their bikes are either making grinding noise, have tons of play at the crank or the pedal stroke feels rough due to lack of maintenance.

I heard the handle is not easily adjustable, but still do-able.

I did open it up and try to see what the problem was. The flywheel seemed to be turning straight with no wobble. It sounded like the grinding was coming from inside the center of the flywheel. Like the bearings were grinding against each other or something. I’m not sure there was anything I could have done to fix it. I could have taken the entire flywheel off, but then who knows if I’d have gotten it back on tensioned properly, so I thought it was better to just return it and hope the next bike works better out of the box.

To adjust the front handlebars, you can raise them up and down easily. But if you wanted to make them closer/further from you, you have to undo 2 bolts, move the handlebars to another setting, and reattach the bolts. I’d say it would be a 5 minute task everytime. Hopefully you can just get them where you are happy and leave them there.