Your Choice Diamondback Indoor Cycle

I purchased a 510IC on eBay last year and it has held up very well. It gets a lot of use at our house. The only issue we have had is the front leveling feet are made of plastic and broke. Through the winter it saw well over 200 miles a month. It is also very quiet so watching TV while riding is enjoyable.

I heard this bike’s magnetic resistance does not go high enough. Since it displays power output, can the resistance go high enough so that it handle 400 watt output at around 70rpm, and maybe 1000 watt output at 100-110rpm? These are what one would expect to output on hills and sprints.

It has 16 resistance settings, I weigh 215 lbs, at setting 8 I can barely get the pedals to turn over mashing with my full weight. I did ride 250 miles this past month as a reference. We’ve modified ours with an Adamo saddle and crank brothers egg beaters.

Are you a pro level rider? 400W sustained is no easy task 1000W climbing is pro TDF level. TDF riders are typically in the 200-300W range for a 4 hour stage.

I have this same bike (the upright). I just tried it out - at max resistance level, 100rpms = 566 watts. It’s quite brutal though, I couldn’t sustain that speed at that resistance for more than a minute and it left me quite breathless.

Doing indoor spinning, hills are only 5 minutes long, and its always varied, usually with the max inclination at the last minute or so.

The 1000W is for sprinting. Top level road cyclists would do 1600W Track cyclist could go 2500W. I thought 1000W would be good enough for a 20 sec sprint.

That means it is not suitable for sprint intervals? I could usually do those sprint intervals for 20 secs, anything more, one’s power output drops drastically since ATP has been exhausted. I could just speed up the legs even faster, but I don’t want to do 150rpm sprints. That’s what I use to do on friction based spinning bike since their resistance stays constant throughout the RPM range (as opposed to the magnetic based ones, whose resistance goes up proportionally to RPM, and power goes up exponentially).