Your Choice Evo Fitness Indoor Bike

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Your Choice Evo Fitness Indoor Bike
Price: $619.99 - 849.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
1/2/2015 - $599.99 - 849.9

Check out the product page for the CX

4.7 Stars on the CX over at Wayfair

Will this hold a 450 pound yeti? 442 when shaves.

Prior discussions:

Note in the following video that the bike appears to sway in the OPPOSITE direction than your road bike would sway out on the road, and I’ve read that is a problem with the sway bike here – this bike sways to the same side as the pedal you’re pushing, whereas when standing and climbing a hill out on the road, your bike typically leans to the opposite direction of your pedal push, to maintain balance and stability. [youtube=hPTsOPh2sc0][/youtube]

I purchased this “on sale” 3mths ago for $200 more. This is an AWESOME deal. I’m a fitness pro and bought this to “replicate road riding” throughout the winter training for a triathlon. I went with the CX so I can abuse the hell out of it. Been riding 20-30mi every day since 1/5/15 and my Evo loves me =) The packaging and assembly was a chore…be prepared, but it’s worth it! After repairing Spin bikes daily for years as a Club Director, I hope this no/low-maintenance holds up!

Thanks for linking to the past posts. It sounds like this is more gimmicky than good. I was thinking about it but after reading that the company is out of business and the rocking is more of a liability than anything else, I think I will pass.

I’ve been watching this cycle for several woots and finally pulled the trigger-- I talked with a guy on the phone who has had one for about a year. He says the sway really works, the bikes are durable, and he likes them. I also saw that relay fitness’s facebook publicized an event in March so they may still be in business. On the downside, I found a club in Tx that had advertised using them and then got rid of them. I don’t know why.

He might say the sway works, but that doesn’t mean you will feel like you are really riding outside, either on a hill or in a sprint. I ran out to a local dealer that had it in order to test ride it given this was what I was waiting for ever since I got onto a stationary bike, but it felt nowhere near like a real bike.

They seem to have not follow the ‘form follows function’ mantra like the Keiser bikes, where the stylish look comes first, and you end up with a compromised setup.

When I push the handlebar to the most forward position, it was so wobbly when I apply any pressure on one side of the bar. Wasn’t expecting it to be rock stable like the Star Trac Spinner NXT, but wasn’t expecting it to be worse than the Spinner Pro (the most basic spin bike in gyms).