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Welp, this is gonna be my last time checking woot.

I haven’t ordered anything for about 2 years now. I can find every single thing I’ve wanted from there cheaper somewhere else, after shipping.

You almost had me coming back for another year last night, when I THOUGHT I got my first banjo of curiosity.

But then it mysteriously changed its status to denied.

So long woot. Maybe some day you’ll go back to selling things that are actually cheaper than anywhere else online.


I have the fitbit Charge HR and really like it. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive, but all the functions are there. The HR is better than the regular Charge not just because of the heart rate monitor, but because of the far more secure band. This is a good price for a refurb and I wish it had come a month sooner.

The CHARGE HR is awesome, but it doesn’t have idle alert as a feature. There are people who liken this lack in features to the start of the zombie apocalypse.

But mine has encouraged me to be more active and I have lost 50 pounds.

I got a Fitbit One the last time Woot had it. Works great.
Just make sure you don’t lose it. I lost it, as it turned out at the place I got lunch, and it took a Fitbit locate app to find out where I had lost it…

so will these look new or will they have scratches or things like that on them? refurbished means different things to different companies

I’d love to buy a charge hr, but they NEVER have them in xl.

It’s annoying since my wrist is just a shade too big for the large…

the girl in the picture has hers on upside down.

It appears correct as she is wearing it on her right arm.

Good Woot News for BIG WRISTS: I’m a large-Boned woman & had a FITBIT FLEX in Large & Small. I actually wore the Small One, cuz there are So many sizing holes on the band that the LG was too loose. My wrist=8 in. Not fat, just BIG.:wink:PS:Measure ur wrist & check sizing chart.

I have a Charge HR and it works well enough for the price. I can track my calories, steps, steps climbed, and even hours slept. I dialed in the stride length so it matched my treadmill’s distance. I have heard the heart rate monitor is not accurate, if that’s important to you.

I have the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge. I also have given 75 Fitbits - some of every model - as prizes through my business. Fitbit may not be the best wearable fitness device, but they are the most popular.

I have purchased more models of wearables over the years than I can remember. None were ready for prime time until I tried Fitbit.

I wear my Surge most of the time but can switch to my Charge HR and the data merges seamlessly on my Fitbit dashboard. (Your account can register one of each model of the different Fitbits.)

They absolutely help people to increase the amount they move. They do this by making it something to which you pay attention.

Is the device 100% accurate? Nope. But it is consistent, so it works just like the scale in your bathroom or the speedometer on your car (two more devices that are most likely not 100% accurate). If your Fitbit says you walked 10,000 steps one day and 11,000 steps the next day you probably didn’t walk exactly 10,000 steps the first day but you definitely walked 10% more steps the next day.
Walking 10,000 steps a day will help save your life - literally.
I highly recommend you give Fitbit a try!

Hah. Bought the wife a Charge HR for valentine’s day. Nice timing, woot. Anyone else notice the step count is unrealistically high?

How to remove item from cart?

By whom are these refurbished? Is there any warranty, and from whom? Will Fitbit provide support?

I bought the Fitbit Charge just before Christmas. It was in perfect condition - no blemishes at all. It is working fine.

Does the One come with the clip?

On the heart rate meters…