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Your Choice Fitbit
Price: $44.99 - 139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 01 to Tuesday, Aug 02) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Never an XL

Did you check the measurements? The Large is actually quite big. This item only comes in 2 sizes. I have the Charge HR and love mine.

Is there a when your warranty on the watch just like when you buy at the store ???

Best advice I can give you is do not buy the snap on band. Overtime it will fall off, you will lose it, and you will be pissed. Spend the extra money to get the metal hook through hole like the charge has.

No. Fitbit’s store is a first-party 1-year warranty, these come with a third party 60-day warranty.

Be sure to get some Silicone Fasteners Ring’s. They are pretty cheap and will keep the Fitbit from falling off…

Check out the sizing guide:

My wife and i have each received 4 fitbits of varying styles over the last 4 years, all free from work.

Only 3 of the 8 have lasted longer than 6 months and only one has lasted longer than 9 months.

I’m not abusive with them and this is very common experience for people I work with.

This has been, hands down, the most unreliable piece of technology I’ve ever owned. I do not recommend the fitbit brand.

That being said, their customer service hasn’t been too bad. Under original warranty, they will send a free one with few questions, but then those also fail within a few months.

I had one fail at about 8 months, so they mailed me another one which lasted about 5 months and after several arguments back and forth via email because my “12 month warranty period was over”, they ended up sending me a third that failed just now after two months. I will try for a replacement again this week.

My wife is on her third FitBit in under a year and fifth overall (a Zip, a Flex, two Charges, and a Charge HR). All had issues with the coating on the band bubbling and coming apart (in the case of the Zip, the covering tore apart). The one prior to her current one stopped working entirely due to exposure to sweat after the band bubbled.

FitBit gave her a one-time free upgrade from a Charge to a Charge HR, but they indicated they won’t replace this one, so when it inevitably has the same issue, she won’t be buying a new FitBit. She’ll probably switch to a Garmin.

Do these come with the wireless dongle? I only see mention of the USB cable.

I have ordered 4 from woot and each came with a dongle and a USB charging cable.


I currently have a FitBit Alta - I actually just got finished talking to their support a bit ago. My charger broke (which came w/ the brand new Alta I bought through a 3rd party), they have a replacement on the way to me at no cost.

I’m really hard on my FitBit devices and they’ve held up well. I’ve had two chargers break on me (one an older model) and customer service has been above average.

If you’ve never owned one before and are looking for a lifestyle change, do it. This coupled with the My Fitness Pal app is seriously life changing!

agree with the above. if you want durability, i’d go with the alta. the charge and charge HR are notorious for coming apart/bands breaking after several months of use. the simplicity of the alta makes it much more durable - only downside is no HR tracking, but i really don’t need that.

for me, the biggest value of fitbit is the sleep tracking and the social aspect of the app. sure, you could always get another fitness tracker for cheaper, but the best part if using the app to keep up with your friends and doing competitions.

I have the charge HR, 1st one lasted about 9 months, display stopped working, replaced under warranty, no problem.

have used swimming to 15’ no issues 1x, and shower regularly, although not recommended…

a full charge lasts 3 days and takes 2 hours for full charge.


what is the weight? Is it heavy?

Arrgh, got my fitbit today but they sent me the wrong color. Ordered slate, received black. Customer service gave me an RMA number and said another email would have a return label. That was 4 hours ago. Where is my return label? Someone please tell me what address to use to return the item. I can label my own mail. Support does not seem to be able to interact with email which is the only support interface. (no chat? No phone number?)

Check in spam. It most often goes there because it comes from a different email address.