Your Choice Fitbit

Don’t buy the Fitbit Charge… total junk! I had 7 fail in one year… BEWARE!

Get the Flex: Here’s why. It doesn’t fail very often and you can purchase a 20 pack of various colors to change the bracelet for $5.

You can not change the bracelet on the Charge or the Surge. In fact, when the wrist band breaks, you have to replace the whole got danged thing!

I loved my Flex, but eventually upgraded to the Blaze; I wanted a smartwatch for a long time anyway.

I ended up giving my Flex away and the recipient still wears it every day and it’s been about 6 months.

I have the Charge HR. It works very well and goes the full 5 days of advertised battery life. The Fitbit app itself is also exceptionally easy to use and motivates users to be more active.

Now here’s my comment specific to this particular Woot: Fitbit does not refurb anything. All customer returns are destroyed. The company is trying to shutdown all refurb sellers, because they aren’t authorized to do so. Fitbit has no authorized third party refurb contractors.

The reason I know is because I’m friends with Fitbit’s global director of supply chain. Because they do not have an approved refurb process, refurbs in this case are not factory-quality. It’s the equivalent of buying something from a pawn shop.