Your Choice Fitbit

Great information. Fun Motivation. VERY POOR QUALITY CONTROL and DESIGN! Purchased a refurbished FitBit this summer from Woot. It lasted a couple of weeks and then cracked on the inside/wrist of the case. Fought with band from day one. Hard to connect and then comes loose and falls off. But, nice customer service sent replacement in about three weeks. Fought with second one’s band until I finally lost it completely. Ordered new Charge HR with the different band which is a much better but not perfect design. After a couple of months, this one now needs to be charged almost every other day. Again, fun information but very poor quality control and design.

Witch Fitbit did you buy first?

The basic Zip seems to be their most reliable product. I assume that is why you never see it here.

I’ve bought the flex and the charge on woot. My flex popped off at the dog park and was never seen again. I contacted fitbit and they sent me a new one with woot proof of purchase FREE. My charge’s band ripped after 4 months of use. Again, with woot proof of purchase, fitbit customer service was awesome and sent me a fitbit charge hr (the hr because they stopped making the original charge) FREE. Fit bit may not have the most durable product on the market, but they stand behind their product, and that’s something I can apprreciate.

Keep trying to buy one and get the message that payment isnt supported?

We take all major credit cards. We do not take gift cards or PayPal.