Your Choice: Homelegance Futons

Time to read what is all about

Homelegance is made by Topline furniture.

And here it is on Amazon, for $6 more ($5 shipping on Woot, $13 shipping on Amazon).

Only 3 stars…

Meijer is selling them for $10 less. Not great quality, really.;jsessionid=751367DC01E3EE431F5A436778526B01.instance04?CAWELAID=1275607163&cagpspn=pla&cmpid=Google_G_US_Meijer_eCom_PLA_Catchall_All_Products_Catchall&gclid=CLe3uLyM7bgCFYl_QgodFCgA3g&kpid=922F110W(3A)

With $40+ shipping

If you can get into a physical store (no online unfortunately) Old Time Pottery has the same thing (not sure if same brand or not) for $130. We actually just bought one 3 weeks back on sale for $100. It will make a great bed/seat for our young boys when they visit their grandparents place. Assembly was also super easy, its all one piece and you just screw on the legs, thats it, no tools required. Bring a friend to help carry though because they are pretty heavy and very large boxes.

Dear ThunderThighs or another Woot! Representative,

The specifications tab did not list. May I ask what the shipping weight of the package and the post-installation weight of the product are?

Thank you.

Hey Bart!

Found that the shipping weight is:

Faux leather: 57.2 lbs.
Microfiber: 53.9 lbs.

Actual weight will be a few pounds less due to packing materials.

Very uncomfortable. The padding is thin, you can feel the metal rails when you’re sitting on it. The fabric is very cheap… started ripping just from regular use within a few months.

i purchased a white one of these about a year ago… its a futon…lol…it only took 3 month for it to become discolored. i am not sure if this happens with all colors but, it did occure with my white became an even ivory. sleeping is a little better than the floor. so perfect if you dont want your guest to stay long…:)…i did fell that the covering was thin and when it changed colors i put a slip cover to protect the futon. no its not plastic…haha… i would not say this is overly sturdy but look at the price…gezzz… i hate to brag but i got mine for 129 with free shipping. that was about 9 months ago. but for what i paid, its fine. not if i had paid 500 dollars or more i might compain. but folk this is disposable furniture. like ill sell or donate when i move…just my two cents…

Thanks bro!

I had purchased this futon a year ago from another major retailer. While it looks great, it isn’t very comfortable… and it is significantly smaller than you might imagine. I am an average sized guy… 5’10" and find my feet hanging off this thing.

I bought this futon, it is defective. One of the plate nuts the legs screw into is at an angle so the leg screws in at a severe angle making the whole thing unstable and unsafe to sit on. Submitted a ticket to woot yesterday afternoon, no response. I did some digging through multiple layers of plausible deniability. ( the product is made by a company called “Ethan home” who is then owned by “homelegance” who is owned by topline. Talked to a woman from homelegance by topline who said they couldn’t do anything until woot contacts them, and even then they will require pictures to prove it is defective? Oook. Also Woots return policy tells you to contact the manufacturer directly. Hrmm.
Also the table legs werent in the box but in some sort of contraband zipper pouch underneath the futon, which I might add is cheaply made, uncomfortable, and not what I was looking for at all. Original price $300+. Really? I wouldn’t pay over $100 for this narco-futon.