Your Choice: Kershaw Chive Knife

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Your Choice: Kershaw Chive Knife
Price: $29.99 - 39.99
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Check out the product page for the Rainbow and Pink models

I’ve had a rainbow Chive for years. It’s a great little knife. The rainbow finish is very durable, and the assisted opening is both very useful, and fun to play with.

Oh, wow. Need more bling? An an outfit called Texas Tool Crafters GOLD PLATES Kershaws, Leatherman & others.

The mothership sells them, that’s where I stumbled across them.

Can I use this to cut green onions, or is it only good for chives?

Well, there’s a whole line of Ken Onion SpeedSafes for your cutting needs.

Besides this Chive, there is the Scallion, the Leek, and the big daddy Shallot.

I’ve had the Leek for several months (and a bunch of other Kershaw, Benchmade, CRKT and SOG folders). I imagine the Chive would be similar - the blade is great and that tip can pierce anything with ease. Don’t use it for tougher cutting though - it’s too thin for that. Also the anodized finishes aren’t very grippy - I had to add some grip tape to mine to improve its “purchase” while cutting. I also prefer a half-serrated blade for common tasks where you might need to saw through a vegetable stalk or line of twine.

How timely lol :slight_smile:

nice knives to look at !
that leek is one of my faves !
also the tiny Golden Eagle Rocks !
but ohhh the horror if they get scratched lol :slight_smile:
what a racket take an $4 dollar knife add .25 cent worth of gold…
if that, and bam $ 39.99 dollars later you’re rich !
if I wanted something like that I would do it myself electroplating is a fairly simple proccess :slight_smile:

I totally agree brother !
I don’t understand why so many “purest” look down on a serrated blade ! I love combo blades they have their place and purpose !
take that Ontario Knife Company 8915 JPT-4S Tanto Woot has on sale for $14.99 it’s a great knife ! it’s been around for about 5 years now and they are trying to clear them out at this fantastic price ! no doubt they have been passed over by the “Purist” !
not me brother I got it at an even better price by using the promo code for taking the survey ! an extra $10 dollars off on a purchase of $20 dollars or more !
I had to add a second knife to use the code and the Meglio
4" Black Ceramic Fruit Knife @ $7.99 was the ticket ! total for both knives came to $29.08 - $10 = $19.08 - $5 shipping and $1.08 in tax makes the deal on both knives $13 bucks ! what a great deal !
so take the survey and use the promo code and you can get the same great deal !
make sure you take the survey first look for it in your email !
Thanks again Woot !
Woot Woot !

Gold is one of the softest and least durable finishes you can put on a tool. Pretty, but impractical (assuming it is real gold and not just a gold color).

These aren’t serrated…
If you need to ‘saw’ through the vegetable, twine or rope, your knife needs sharpened.
Many people rarely sharpen their knives, and I do recommend serrated blades for them.
Pick up a good knife sharpener, sharpen all your knives (warn the cook that the knives are now sharp), and you’ll never use serrated knives again!
Pretty good sharpener
Another good sharpener with a wider belt

ps… These chives are nice little knives! I carry a leek every day, but have a couple chives also.

Yes, this knife made me laugh…