Your Choice of Boston Acoustics Soundbar

Not so good reviews on the Boston Acoustics TVEE Model 10

Not very good reviews on the wireless one either.

I thought the write up said “less wooting” and thought it as strange.

I’ve got one. The sound is an improvement on what comes out of my TV. Having two remotes is a bit of a pain. It promises that you can also control it with your regular TV remote, but I didn’t have any luck getting that part to happen.

I have a different soundbar and had a similar problem. I finally turned the sound bar volume all the way up. After that, just adjusting the TV volume controlled the sound going to the sound bar.

Worth a try.

I bought a TVee25 from Woot last September and it’s a complete piece of junk. It interferes with my WiFi non-stop and the subwoofer cuts it’s power off like it’s overheating. I stopped using it two months after buying and Boston Acoustics was not helpful at all about my problems with it. The only thing close to exchanging I was offered was to trade it for a refurb TVee10. I’d stay FAR away from all of Boston Acoustics’ sound bars.


This week, I received my sound bar purchased in December back from their repair shop for the SECOND TIME. The first time, it cost me $35 to ship it (demanded they foot the bill on try 2). Hopefully it works. Same problems with a squeal and pop every time a commercial ended or the tv turned off.

This is one of two sound bars we purchased; the other one has been a dream. Guess there are a few duds out there.

I got the TV25 last year and I’ve been very happy with it. The sound is great and it learns your existing TV remote’s functions so that you can use that remote for volume control, power, and mute.

My only complaint is that the thing interferes terribly with WiFi. It has four wireless channels and they don’t give you any indication of how those correspond to the 11 WiFi channels.

Through painstaking ping tests conducted over a month, I tested every combination (all 44) of wireless channels multiple times and here are the ones that I found were the best (in order of best to okay):

WiFi 3, Soundbar 1
WiFi 3, Soundbar 3
WiFi 1, Soundbar 3
WiFi 3, Soundbar 2
WiFi 9, Soundbar 1
WiFi 11, Soundbar 3

Now that’s a quality post. I’ve been working on this for a week since I got mine on the last Woot off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I’ve never had one of these sound bars, but I had a computer speaker set from them that lasted for almost a decade. I threw it out because the connectors were starting to wear out, not because the components were bad either. But it appears that most people have not gotten a good experience with these sound bars.

Exactly my experience too.

Run from this deal as fast as you can.

Been wooting for a couple years but this is my first time posting. Wanted to jump in because I have had so many problems with my BA TVee Model 25 I purchased from Woot last fall. Sounds good when it works, but there is a component in the subwoofer that overheats about 30-40 minutes into use, and it starts to crack/pop and then goes out altogether. The only way to fix it is to unplug it for a couple hours, and then you only get that 40 minutes again. Finally bit the bullet and bought a mid-level Vizio soundbar/wireless sub and I’m mad at myself for having suffered through these issues for so long. Boston Acoustics was less than helpful, would not buy another BA product.


I bought one of these from Woot! recently, and it was broken after two days. Subwoofer makes a constant buzzing sound when the soundbar is on, and not just over top of the sound it’s supposed to make. Buzz is all that I hear. Nothing changed in the environment between the first day and the third day.

On the other hand, it sounded great when it worked, and once I described the problem to Woot! they offered to take it back immediately. So if you don’t mind the hassle of probably having to replace it a couple of times, it may work for you.

Quik Top Computing

I bought the TV25 last year.
Nice whilst it lasted.
Didn’t last long (Woofer goes Bang bang Bang).
It did last longer than the 90 day warranty.
Customer service were useless to the point of insulting. I know its a shame but I cannot do other than reccomend to AVOID.

have the larger one, just got it delivered the other day. it does sound great, watched terminator 2 for a test run, and the wireless sub under our bed it very loud. yes, as others have pointed out, it does interfere with the wifi on the ps3. only the ps3 has been affected so far ive noticed.

I bought one a few months ago, the thing kept turning itself off. Returned it after a few weeks.

Yeah. Me too. Not so strange. Woot! is dead. Turned into so long, and thanks for all the woots! :-/

BTW, BA used to make spectacular speakers. These, however, barely qualify for “consumer” grade. Not even remotely high fidelity by today’s standards.

I was gonna pull the plug on the sound bar only for my JVC 42. I had always heard that BA was quality stuff. After reading the reviews, I’m staying FAR away. At least from this set up.

If anyone is looking for a good quality sound bar wireless sub combo(although pricier than this by about $100), I’d give Pinnacle speakers a try. They often have deals here at Woot.

I’m extremely happy with their product.