Your Choice of Defender iPhone 5 Case

Your Choice of Defender iPhone 5 Case
Price: $7.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Your Choice of Defender iPhone 5 Case
Price: $7.99 - 9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Dec 26 to Tuesday, Dec 31) + transit
Condition: New


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Be warned, these cases make it nearly impossible to swipe up the control center in iOS7.

Time to check out the product page and great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

For those wondering, this case will fit an iPhone 5s (using one on my 5s right now) but you will lose the ability to use the fingerprint scanner. For me, it was no bug deal as I rarely used it. Just type in your passcode as you always did before and you are all set.

I have used a Defender for both the iPhone, and Android (Galaxy S3). As for protecting the phone, they work great, the best out there that you can get. I had issues with both (the rubber that goes into the charge port when not in use), however OtterBox sent replacements for both with no issues. Support there is great.

I have used one of these since the 5 was released. Great case. I wonder why some of them are now $2 more then they were last week though.

Will this fit the 5c? I realize that may sound stupid but I keep buying cases that say “iPhone 5” and they do not fit my 5c.

Not compatible with 5c.

Got one from a prior Woot and love it, especially at the price.

This is not a dainty case with which to impress your GQ friends.

This is a tank of a case. If you appreciate military gear, this case is ideal.

I use it when camping or doing rough work.

Yes, the Defender cases are big and bulky. I prefer the Otterbox Commuter case.

I recently picked one of these up for my iPhone 5S. I mainly wanted a case for when I went camping and hiking and not for my daily case.

This works with my 5S with the exception of the fingerprint sensor (thumb button works fine) and swiping up for the control center is pretty hard to do. However, for me, I do not need these when outdoors.

For my purpose, this was a great price for three weeks of peace of mind while outdoors.

I just recently purchased the IPhone 4. Do they not have Otterbox cases for the 4 or are they obsolete??!!! I’ve looked all over for them but can’t find them.


Yep, that’s not a mistake. Well, it was a mistake actually. We had the wrong sale price at the start but we’ve fixed it now. Hey! $2!!

Small print: If you already purchased, you’ll be getting that $2 back pretty soonish.

They have quite a few, actually. I had the defender for my iPhone 4 and I absolutely loved it. I only switched because I got a custom-made bamboo case from one of my favorite record labels.

I think so many people complained about the iPhone 4 cases after the 5 came out that Woot finally switched over to selling the 5’s instead.

I want to emphasize this, though. I think when I had my Defender for the iPhone 4, iOS 6 was out and had the notification pane that you could slide down. It was near impossible to pull since the plastic on the case is molded flush with the screen, and the action requires you to swipe from off the screen to on.


I’ve been using an Otterbox on and off on my i5 for a year or so. It does add a lot of girth to the phone, obviously.

I felt like it lost a little sensitivity with the touch screen, but nothing I couldn’t get used to.

These will protect your phone from most falls and splashes… but they’re not waterproof by any stretch and I’ve had coworkers still shatter their phone if it falls just right.

The holster is super clunky and not reliable. Throw it away when you open the box.

Actually, it’s more like 5~5s. The fingerprint sensor makes it slightly different.

I am one of the Otterbox faithful… I have had an Otterbox on my iPhone 2G, 3G. 3GS, 4S, and Blackberry 9000. I also put them on my wife’s iPad and other devices.

The otterbox is bulky, but I am in the military and not allowed to wear it on my uniform belt, so I keep it in a cargo pocket. In this situation, I do sometimes fumble and I have yet to have a device take damage in an Otterbox. Not saying they are impervious, but they do their job well.

You get 3 layers of protection. A touch sensitive clear shield, a hard plastic case, and a soft surrounding silicone case. All of these layers serve their purpose well.

One issue I feel has come up recently, is a decline in quality on the silicone casing. All phones previous to my 4S lasted in mint condition inside their otterboxes, making for a nice resale at the end of our time together. With the latest phone however, my 4S, I am on my third one.

Seems (speculation) Otterbox has shifted to a Mexican manufacturer for at least the silicone portion of the casing and it barely lasts 6 months before it starts to come apart. It is for this reason I attribute the sharply discounted price on Woot, because a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find an Otterbox less than $40.

On the flipside, I wrote Otterbox a note on how dissatisfied I was with the new silicone casing, and they sent me two replacements for free. It is for this reason I am on my third. I thought I would be able to recoup some cost by selling the third, but I never did, and I again fell into need of a replacement case.

I really like the heft and protection Otterboxes provide… And the customer service seems top notch. Very responsive. I believe 2 CSRs both replied to my single ticket which is how I received two replacements.

Just my 2c, FWIW.