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Bought the RPG (amber lens) in gunmetal from Woot and also own the Gunnar Phenoms (clear lens) that I bought on Amazon. I use the RPG’s for CAD work and general use and the Phenoms for color critical graphics work. The amber lenses are supposed to be better at filtering out the stress producing blue wavelengths but they aren’t good if your doing work where color accuracy is critical such as illustration work or photo editing. Many users rave about the benefits of these glasses and others don’t feel they offer much benefit. I think it depends on each person’s physiology, but I’m in the rave category. They really enhance my visual acuity and I literally feel my eyes relax when I use them. Not only do my eyes not feel stressed during hours staring at the screen, they feel good afterwards.

The RPG’s have massive frames (wide fit) and are extremely well made. They have outstanding Zeiss lenses with a +0.2 magnification to help compensate for the distance between your eyes and the screen, which I really like. I wanted to protect them with a hard case however, according to Gunnar, the RPGs and the SteelSeries Desmos don’t fit in the case that Gunnar markets (nice case that I bought for my Phenoms) so I ended up buying a really nice hard case from Amazon that’s big enough to hold the RPGs perfectly. For anyone interested, you can see this case HERE! Another item I highly recommend for safely, and conveniently, cleaning the lenses of any of these glasses are the Zeiss pre-moistened lens cloths. Again, for those interested, you can see those HERE!

I highly recommend the RPGs, and at least the lenses of the others, and you can’t beat these prices. These are an outstanding deal!!! I knew the RPGs were a fantastic bargain when I bought mine from Woot, I only wish I could have found my Phenoms for these prices. I shopped like crazy for the best price on my Phenoms and ended up with the best deal I think I could have gotten when I paid $65 for them as one of Amazon’s “lightning deals”.

I bought the RPG model a while back, because I stare at a multi screen array for about 10 hours a day. I had been getting headaches recently, so I purchased these to see if they would help.

I gotta say, they did not do much for my headaches, but my eyes do feel better… (I did not realize they were dry and honestly a little “tired” feeling until these glasses made them feel better)

I find myself having an easier time in reading text, even when scrolling quickly, and I am also pleased with the build quality. Sometimes I have forgotten to take them off, and since I do not need prescription glasses to drive, they even help with that, especially in reducing glare from headlights at night.

Lastly, a few people have commented that they think they look cool because the amber lenses make them kinda look like shooting glasses. While I do not recommend using Gunnar optics as shooting glasses, as they are not rated against impact, if my techie friends AND my shooter/operator friends all say they look cool, that is good enough for me.

anyone know if any of these are compatible over prescription glasses?

I bought RPGs, and although sturdy and well made, I sent them back because they were seriously heavy on my face and after a few minutes I could feel them bothering me on the bridge of my nose.

I ordered the Vaypers and was pleased with quality and weight. These are the lightest eye wear I have ever owned and I’ve worn corrective lenses for over 20 years.

To be honest, they didn’t do anything noticeable for me in the eye fatigue and sharpening of image.

I tried using them for computer based work and playing video games.

I kept the Vaypers and wear them when I have my contacts in and do computer work and play video games.

I thought about using them for eye protection for home improvement projects, but they seem too delicate and pricey for that kind of work.


If anything they would go UNDER them. They sit and wrap very closely around your face, but they are still too big to fit behind any prescription glasses I’ve worn.

Gunnar does offer the ability to order prescription lenses for most of their frames, fwiw.

I bought a pair of prescription lenses. Part of the cost was covered by my insurance, so it worked out pretty well.

I bought the RPG’s recently from here. They are a little heavy/clunky, but they make the screen sharper and my eyes don’t feel as tired at the end of a long 8+ hour day in front of the flat screen.
That being said, the first thing said to me on my first day of trying them out was “Hey Elvis, play me some Blue Suede Shoes”!

I’m a front end web developer during the day, and a gamer at night. I’m looking at 2 huge thunderbolt displays at work and a regular 24in monitor at home. I probably spend 90% of the day on a computer/laptop. I wear contacts and almost every day I would have to take them out before the work day ended because they would either dry out, cause eye strain, or just be irritating in some way. I never really knew why; I thought it was my eyes, or my contact solution.

But one day, my boss brought a pair of Gunnars to work and didn’t like them, so I tried them out. After the first day, I was hooked. I noticed I didn’t have any issues at all with my eyes. No drying out, no pain, no headaches.

I can’t say that everything they say about Gunnars is true, but I believe the reduced glare, magnification, and a protective shield over my eyes definitely helps my eyes naturally blink more, reducing dryness and strain.

Bought the RPG Gunmetal amber lenses about a month ago from Woot I believe after my dog got a hold on my other pair (learned my lesson there) and I love them. I can’t remember the name of my first pair, but the RPGs have a much nicer feel/weight to them. They are very sturdy and strong and don’t feel so fragile like my first pair.

I wear these things anytime I’m looking at a screen, whether it be programming, gaming, watching TV, they help me tremendously. The only bad thing I can say about the RPGs (and this may just happen to me) but the nose pads tend to stick to my skin and I have to reposition the glasses every now and then, but it’s not a huge deal.

tldr; buy these, you won’t regret it. I can recommend the RPGs, not sure about the others.

Would any of these models be good to use for reducing the headlight glare when driving at night ?

Why use them over your glasses when you can just purchase the frames with prescription! Go on to read more about our RX program.

Our glasses include a slight .25 add power- this makes the eye more relaxed for closer distances. I don’t advise for driving but to simply answer your question, technically yes, GUNNARs would reduce any glare.


Thank you for your honestly. I must agree with you on the sturdiness/heaviness of the RPGs, but that’s why we have different frames/styles- so you can choose from! Nice choice going with the vaypers :slight_smile: The overall effect comes in time. There is definitely the add power to help slightly magnify your screen and yellow lens to help shift the color spectrum for a more relaxing experience.


Thank you for your comments and reccommendations! To reiterate your thoughts, those are the main points to GUNNAR- yellow tint to filter out glare, lens geometry to protect areas around the eyes, add power to relax the eyes from straining. If anyone is questioning whether or not to get these, do it NOW because this deal is a steal and well… we’re beginning to run out!!


If the RPGs are a little to heave/clunky for you, have you thought bought getting a different style/frame? :slight_smile: Glad you like them!

You’re right! NO ONE can beat this deal! Look everywhere! This is as cheap as it’ll get and I’ll mention this again, GUNNAR no longer carries this product!! Willyone, you’ve said it all! :smiley:

Thanks for your response. I work many hours as a security expert spending many hours in front of a minitor. Due to your response and the recommedations of others in this chat, I have purchased the RPG’s. I look forward to enjoying many reduced glare days.