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Your Choice of Pentax Camera
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jan 03 to Monday, Jan 06) + transit
Condition: New


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Pentax Q10
PC Mag Review
Cnet Review
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Check out this so-so review on the Q-10
Check out this review on the MX-1 over at

mx is the better buy of the two offers but still only a $14 savings over Adoramas Ebay price.

I actually have a Q10. It looks like a toy, and feels like a toy. It takes decent pictures, given the size of its image sensor (which is the same size found in many compact digicams). The Q mount has 8 total lenses available, with 2 or 3 labeled as “TOY” lenses, which are manual focus only.

The Q10 is cheaper on Amazon by a dollar, and has free shipping.

The MX-1 is a good camera at the “normal” street price of $400 and it’s a steal here at $229. The Q10 is not a good camera and produces very inferior photos. If you want a toy camera that takes crap photos, buy the Q10. If you want a real camera that takes very nice photos, buy the MX-1. Or buy them both and throw away the one you don’t like. I guarantee you’ll throw away the Q10.

Some revised thoughts about the Pentax Q and Q10 since I commented last time:

I bought the Pentax Q back in February, and another Pentax Q10 + 02 zoom lens for my son a month ago. These are great cameras. There’s more than a little novelty in the size: it’s TINY. So tiny it’s firmly in what-is-wrong-with-you territory. When a big dude like me wears it with the neck strap it looks like some kind of demented DSLR necklace.

But the real deal is photo quality, which is unreasonably good. There are many bigger, badder, more impressive lens-system cameras on the market, but that’s not the point (and none of them will fit in your pocket). It’s not DSLR-class-excellent (due to the physics of the smaller sensor) but the improved sensor technology means Q/Q10 image quality is firmly in the same class as micro4/3 and the like, and far better than any ~12mp point-n-shoot. I’ve taken tons of still shots and video, from simple shots to tough fast-moving soccer games at dusk, and the images are really sharp and beautiful. In actual use the included 02 (5-15 zoom) and available 06 (15-45 zoom) lenses are fabulous glass, and turn out to be durable despite feeling too light. (But skip the cruddy 04/05 “toy” lenses.)

Aaaaand… then I’m back to the giggle-worthy size. I remember the old adage that “the best camera is the one you take with you” and this firmly fits the bill. I can get the Pentax Q/Q10 body, with the 02 zoom and 03 wide lens, charger, extra battery – all in the same space as a typical DSLR body. I put the whole kit in a sandwich box, and keep it in the front pocket of my work bag.

Just make sure the firmware is updated to 1.14 to get the latest Q/Q10/Q7 stability improvements and support for new lenses:

Plenty of folks with hands-on experience seem to disagree, and appreciate the Q-series cameras as a good balance of tiny size and very good quality:

Not that you have to like things that I like, but saying that you would throw away a well-reviewed camera seems… well… a bit silly.

The Q10 costs a one dollar LESS on with free shipping for me (Prime). How is this a deal?

I bought the MX-1 from Woot a few months ago (for $20 more, darn it) and I love it. Even a schlub like me can get some really excellent photos. The battery seems to hold a charge for a long time. Highly recommended.


We’ve heard you loud and clear. The boss has lowered the price to $199.99.

Now go by a camera for yourself or your sister or Cousin Bobby or Aunt Myrtle. Someone!

Small print: If you already purchased, that money will fly back into your pockets soon.

Target has the red one for $199. Plus 5% off and free shipping if you use their Red Card. It has come to the point of having to checking other sites so you don’t get ripped off when shopping on Woot nowadays.

[MOD: Seems to be a Target exclusive color. They don’t carry the black/silver.]

Don’t you think “ripped off” is a little (!) harsh? Seriously, I’m rather pleased that Woot! responded quickly (and retroactively) to the previous price complaints.

Most sites with a “price match” policy will only refund you if you send them an exact URL with a lower price, not if someone else does. Yes, I know, it wouldn’t even make sense to compare the “old Woot!” to “most sites,” but that’s the world we live in: almost nothing small and wonderful stays that way for long. I remember when Woot! was the deal-a-day site, then 5 deals a day, and gradually now it’s 100 deals a day, some for a few days. sigh

I do, of course, wonder whether they will (and encourage them to) respond to your issue.

If it drops below $200, I may well get one. I’ve been itching to replace my 4MP camera for some time, and I remember fondly my Pentax SLR (K1000) stolen in the 80’s. But life (and tuition and new tires) gets in the way. sigh (again)

The micro4/3 sensor is more than 8 times larger than the Q’s sensor, so this is a ridiculous statement. See this article for a more realistic view:

I bought the MX-1 here a few months ago when it was $250. I thought then and still think that it’s a great buy at that price. For $200 it’s simply an incredible value.

This camera has an amazing combinations of features and quality:

>>Step up in sensor size vs. ordinary point-and-shoot cameras

>>Very fast lens at f1.8, and f2.5 at full telephoto. This, combined with the 1/1.7 sensor, gives excellent low-light shooting capability at this price point.

>>Amazing macro capability–can focus down to 1 cm! This exceeds the macro abilities of cameras costing much more.

>>Robust build quality.

>>Tilting view screen. This feature alone sets this camera apart from a lot of its competition; you won’t know how much you like this until you use it for low shots or when you want to shoot at waist level to be inconspicuous.

>>Very robust set of in-camera processing options.

>>RAW mode.

I could go on; obviously I like this camera. I suggest reading the full reviews on DPReview and Steve’s Digicam.

I cannot imagine any other camera at this price point that can come close to this one for quality and features.

Check out just some of the pictures I’ve taken with it I put up on Amazon. It’s was worth all the $250 I paid for it just couple of months ago it’s a steal at $200!

Well, I read that review, and for some uses, the Q did much better than its sensor size would indicate. I’m still thinking about one.

Yeah, you can’t get away from the huge depth of field, so there’s Photoshop for that, and you’ll need a flash for low light, but it has a nice flash, so that’s not so bad.

For $200, it’s totally not a bad choice. And I’m pretty sure I have a K mount lens or two around here somewhere…

I totally agree for 199 the MX1 is the best value in any modern camera I have seen in a long while. I dont understand anyone’s hesitance in not picking one up.
It is an amazing camera!