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Your Choice of Pinnacle Soundbar
Price: $129.99 - 199.99
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WELCOME WOOT COMMUNITY to this special Pinnacle Speaker SOUNDBAR event. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division and I have been working with Pinnacle for 9 of their nearly 40 years. I am quite knowledgeable and should be able to handle most questions about our products. Pinnacle is a USA based family owned and operated company. In fact, Pinnacle is the oldest independently owned and operated USA based Speaker company. We are famous in the industry and known for superior performance and terrific value across all price ranges. Right up to our $8,000 FLAGSHIP models. Pinnacle is owned and operated to this day by 3 brothers who founded the company.

So, I will be here to monitor this forum and assist in guiding you with any answers to questions. There is no such thing as a DUMB question. So, feel free to ask and I will give you the most accurate and honest answer I can. Many of you on the forum know I am a straight shooter as they say. So, enjoy this event.

Thank you



At Pinnacle Speakers we are no strangers to SOUNDBARS. In fact, Pinnacle invented the SPEAKERBAR category in 2003. Building on our decades of experience, we have the best line-up of SOUNDBARS in the industry. Here are some of our top picks:

QP9W SPEAKERBAR: All 3 front channels of a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system are housed in this 1 sleek superior performing speaker. It will need an audio receiver.
This is your front left, front right and center channel all in one cabinet as an elite Home Theater set up.

FRONTROWSYS 8210: A top rated SOUNDBAR + Wireless subwoofer system (2.1 system). This is designed to turn you flat screen TV into a terrific sound system too. Set-up is PLUG-N-PLAY with super easy connection directly to your TV. The wireless powered subwoofer connects wirelessly to the SOUNDBAR for an outstanding music and movie experience. In fact, we have been recognized for having the best performing wireless powered subwoofer in a 2.1 configuration. The secret is in our dual driver (2 woofers) technology imaged below. The system includes a remote control. This system does not need an audio receiver. Just plug to the TV with cable we provide, plug into wall socket, relax and be amazed.

View the VIDEO for Front Row Sys 8210 here.

Time to check out the product page for the 8210 and the QP9

Check out this OK (3 out of 5 stars) review on the 8210 over at

Hello. I have a few questions. I apologize in advance for my ignorance as a/v isn’t really my “thing”.

I’m curious to know how this would work with a Samsung UN55F7100 tv.

  1. Would it turn on and off with the tv?

  2. Would my universal remote control the sound or would I need two remotes?

  3. How does this compare with the Samsung HWE350C in terms of quality of speaker, etc.(I’m not looking for anyone to bash Samsung or Pinnacle but rather to inform me of the differences of speaker sizes, quality, ranges, etc. if that makes sense)?

  4. The Samsung HW-FM35? I mean, are we comparing apples to apples, or are these toys compared to the Pinnacle product (vice versa)?

Thanks so much to any and all for your consideration in answering these questions.

I bought a Pinnacle PB6200 in December for our brand new Samsung PN51F5500. It looks like we have the same remote, so can answer these first two questions - the answer sadly would be no. Samsung’s remote has some Pinnacle compatibility, but not a lot. None of these models show to work with this remote. The universal remote for the TV works every other piece of tech in the system except this bar. It’s slightly annoying, but tolerable.

I’ve had some issues with Pinnacle’s support (the soundbar has had some issues and support seems to get every email except the one with the receipt I’ve sent twice), but the sound is pretty good from it. This bar is a level above from mine, so you should get really good sound. The many sound settings really allow you to customize for your tastes and the program you’re watching.

Absolutely and thank you,


Great. Thank you both for your answers.

Thanks for posting this review Conan. We will point out that the review is based on the standard price of $799. The reviewer states “IF you can find this item for $300 it is a real bargain” here we have this amazing WOOT ONLY offer @ $199.99. An absolute steal for such a high performance product. here is another quote from this review:

“an engaging audio experience, far above what you’ll hear from your TV’s paltry onboard sound system.” - Digital Trends



We wish to point out that the review is based on the standard price of $799. The reviewer states “IF you can find this item for $300 it would be a real bargain” This is a WOOT EXCLUSIVE offer @ $199.99!

Hi Arin,

I posted the last time, (last month?) that Pinnacle speakers and sound bars were being sold on Woot regarding my displeasure with the QP non-sub included soundbar. I blogged twice and both times you replied via the Woot blog that you would contact me about upgrading to the model with a subwoofer, as in this current Woot offer. Neither time did I receive a response from you or Pinnacle! So I am wondering if you will contact me outside of this blog after my 3rd request?!

Don’t suppose this is compatible with any other sound source, such as an MP3 player or PC/Laptop with bluetooth support?

I purchased this model 8210 around Christmas . Right out of the box I have had nothing but problems with it. It turns it self on and off the volume goes up and down on it’s own I think it’s possessed and needs an exorcism performed on it. Very disappointed with pinnacle

Okay first question, if this is even true, did you contact support? Second, if this is happening it sounds like another remote has the frequency for this sound bar. I’m guessing the mystery on/off and volume changing happens when another remote is being used in the house.

Glad to see WOOT is posting speakers / sound systems. Have not seen anything “yet” that interests me. But it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully they will go up from entry level from here.

Crossing my fingers , in the market now for wall speakers now.

I did contact support, of coarse they told me to send it back on my dime and should be a 2 week turn around. I might be expecting to much but I was hoping since the problem was right out box, they would send me a new one and I would send mine back using the box the new one came in.
Once the tv and sound bar are on I took out the batteries out of both remotes and the problem was still happening.
Since it’s gotten worse, happening more often, I have no choice to send it back.

Here’s a video that explains how TV remotes work.

I forgot to address you 1st remark “if it even true” are you kidding me I have nothing better to do than to take time post remarks on this site!
I spend a lot of money on woot and when I saw this item listed again I think people should know the good and bad.

60" sharp aquos quattron tv. I’m looking for a soundbar that I can physically connect up to that/my TV. Any suggestions? Will this Pinnacle soundbar do that? Thanks.

Hi, Gee I will go back and check my emails, and I wrote to you on FEB 12 via woot private posts.

I have re-sent that communication and and more information for you today. Please check your Woot private mail. You may write to me tomorrow with your decision @


Please ping me at just make certain I am dealing with the correct email address for you. THANKS