Your Choice of Razer Gaming Keyboard



I can’t comment on the Black Widow in particular, but I bought a Thermaltake Tt esports MEKA G1 mechanical keyboard last year and will never go back to a non mechanical keyboard. The tactile feedback and increase in accuracy of a mechanical keyboard makes me wonder how we slowly became adaptive to typing on most modern keyboard designs.

Judging by the Amazon reviewsBlack Widow Ultimate is pretty darn good too!


Don’t buy it. It is garbage. I used one for a year. I hate everything about my Lycosa that I bought at woot. I’m not a Razer hater; I have two DeathAdder mice and one Naga mouse from them.

The lighting system is controlled by a touch button you can only see when the lights are on. Which is kind of hard when they’re off. See this pic, you can’t see where to touch to turn the lights on!

This is made even worse because it doesn’t remember the setting. And you have to hit it twice, since the first touch only lights up the WASD keys! But it lights up the WASD keys brighter than the other keys! Who needs lights to find WASD? Who is this keyboard for? Fake gamers?

The finish is worn off mine, too. I use it at work now when I need a spare keyboard.

tl;dr skip

(Also, the mechanical keyboard is refurbished.)


review (with video) from cnet


As I type this on my Razer Lycosa (did not buy from Woot), I cannot say this strongly enough:



PCMAG gave the BlackWidow Ultimate 4.5 out of 5 stars in their review.

There is a new 2013 model of this keyboard that has replaced the one they are selling here, but even the 2012 model has good praise pretty much everywhere.


blah blah blah blah blah… it’s a keyboard. What kind of switches does it have? Cherry MX? WHAT??? 1k Hz? Gimme a break. Keyboards should FEEL good, that’s it. It’s about ergonomics, nothing else. I don’t hate my Razor, but it’s hardly among my favorites. Give me a Cherry MX Blue based keyboard, and you’re on the right path. Otherwise, just buy a cheap POS and be done with it and forget any semblance of quality. I have about 50 keyboards. I’ve tried all the “best”. IMHO, there is really no substitute for Cherry MX Blue. Filco has the best implementation. I’ve said my piece. Trust me, or go spend 1yr of your own time figuring out the same thing. Cheers! :slight_smile:

wine.woot party was FUN! :smiley:


Some “why’s” would help other Wooters.


The Razer Lycosa is not as well reviewed as the BlackWidow. In fact most hardcore gamers all seem to say stay away as it doesn’t have proper key response. Many complain about keys not responding at all and having to unplug it and plug it back in, the coating on the keys rubbing off, etc.


I have the non backlit Lycosa keyboard. I’ve been eyeing this as its shown up on Woot 4 times in the last few months I think I will pull the trigger. As long as it feels the same as what I have now I’m happy with it. The back light will be a huge bonus.


Also, the Lycosa offers anti-ghosting of the WASD keys, but it doesn’t offer it on the rest of the keys. For this reason I wouldn’t call it a ‘gaming’ keyboard.

The BlackWidow Ultimate being sold here offers 6 keys at once, and the new 2013 model offers 10 keys at once.

Microsoft explains Anti-ghosting here in case your are interested.


Cherry browns, blues reds or what?

Need more info on this mechanical wonder.

(typed on a Topre)

Edit: seems like Cherry blues. Nice. That’s what I use in my office. Clicky and loud, but purposeful.

Not a gamer. I’m an adult. I like the blues, but the browns are much quieter. I say you can’t go wrong with the mechanical nature of Cherry blues. Loud. Satisfying.


Cherry MX Blue.

For those of you who don’t know what this means, here is a good guide on the types of switches mechanical keyboards use. It is part of a great primer on mechanical keyboards in general.


I purchased the BlackWidow Ultimate (refurb) last time it was on woot, and I’ve been using it since. Here’s my thoughts.


  • Feels great to type on
  • Backlighting is nice, yet not too bright at night
  • Braided cords feel sturdy
  • Includes a bonus USB pass-through port, as well as audio cables


  • Expensive
  • CLICKY CLACKY may annoy others
  • Historically known for having some keys stick, such as the ALT and Spacebar keys. May not exist at first, and develop over time. Mine is fine so far
  • Braided cord is a bit stiff and thick, some may not like that. Freud may though.

Overall I really like it. I’m even considering picking up a second to go with a new workstation PC I just put together.

Recommended buy.

Edit: It’s probably good to mention that as a refurb, there were no issues with it. It wasn’t scratched up or anything, and the keys all work well. Inside the shipping box, the keyboard came in a rather plain cardboard box with the Razer logo on it – which is fine, just don’t expect a shiny full-color retail box.

Edit #2 Just pulled the metaphorical trigger and bought a second one. That’s me backing up my statement above: this is a damn fine keyboard.


In for 1 Black Widow. I wish the backlighting was red, but no worries. Can’t see my case lights from the keyboard anyway.


Blackwidow Ultimate for forty bucks? Kind of a no-brainer. You find a better kb at this price grab it…you will not however. Be aware, this thing is big and quite heavy.


The Blackwidow is $80. The Lycosa is $40.


I have purchased both of these on previous woots. I HATE the Lycosa - just everything about it. Don’t buy it.

I replaced it with the BlackWidow when that popped up and it’s fantastic. Well worth the money. Feels sturdy AF, especially compared to the Lycosa which bends in when you push keys in the middle of the keyboard.
The only sad news I have to report is that the light for my ALT key flickered and died after only a few hours, but for the price, and the fact that it was a refurb… meh.

Buy the BlackWidow.


I’ve got the Blackwidow. It’s awesome. It’s my first mech keyboard in decades and would never want to go back. Added bonus is I sound like a hipster clacking away on a typewriter without the embarassment.

I paid much more than this. Give it a shot.


I bought the Lycosa on here about a year ago. It has lived on my desktop, which I rarely use. It works fine. It doesn’t remember light settings, but who turns off their computers? I would pass on the Lycosa if you call yourself a gamer, if not, do it up!