Your Choice of VIZIO LED Smart TV

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Your Choice of VIZIO LED Smart TV
Price: $159.99 - 1229.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days (Tuesday, Apr 22 to Friday, Apr 25) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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E701i-A3 Product Page
Walmart Reviews
Best Buy Reviews

These TVs tended to get about a 60 from Consumer Reports, while the top TVs were getting around 75. Not bad, but below average according to them.

Time to check out the product page for the E650IA2 and the E241IA1


Check out this review on the E650IA2 over at

A note: Both the 42" and 47" are listed as the E470i-A0.
Assuming the 42" is supposed to be the E420i-A0, it looks like it’s actually cheaper over at Walmart for $350 with free shipping,, vs $380 here before shipping.

I bought the 32 inch last year from Woot and I have never had an issue. The color and picture is awesome. This little TV is as sharp as any out there.

The biggest weakness I had with it was the sound. But once I mounted it on the wall, that improved also.

If I had the money I would buy another!

Your “add to cart button” is broken (IE & Chrome)

Fixed. Thanks for the input!

Yay! Y’all are on it tonight. I was just coming to post that it wasn’t letting me choose different sizes when I got distracted by a PM. Came back, saw someone else posted about it, refreshed the page and found it working. Thanks!

UPDATE: 42" Model (** E420i-A0**) has had price drop.
$379.99 to $329.00

The dropdown menu has also been fixed.

Thank you to those who posted and helped identify the issues!

I bought one last year & it turns on but shows nothing… wasn’t even a year old & I now have a almost brand new looking paperweight. Turned me off on Visio. Got a Samsung instead & am happy! If you get one, get the extended warranty!!!

did you try switching out the cable you use to connect your tv? i have an lg and when i had that problem, i was advised to change my hdmi cord. i thought, "there’s no way tha… and it worked. i think i’ve changed the cord 3 or 5 times in the several years i’ve had the tv. works like a champ and less expensive than replacing what i thought would be a paper weight. much success to you.

Has anyone ever owned a Vizio that worked for 5 years or more ?

I have a little 29" Vizio in my kitchen. I think we’ve had it about five years. No issues at all.

Don’t buy from Walmart! The company they use to refurbish and ship them puts them in huge boxes with little padding to roll around in all the way to your door. Just received my smashed 47" m series today.

Yea I have some really old 37" that were on 12 hours a day for over 5 years. Have screen burn but still work great! They don’t make em’ like they used too

My 42" is over 5 years.

It was even stolen (ripped right off my wall) when my house was broken into. Scuffed up, thrown into a trunk, then the thieves were caught an hour later and we were able to recover it. I went down to the scene of the crime, identified my TV, drove it back home and hung it back on the wall.
Still works perfect.

It’s only issue is one of the HDMI ports is dead (lightning strike a few years back, which also took out the other devices hooked up to it). Thank goodness for 2 HDMI ports, so now I have the hassle of only one HDMI port.

I want to replace it with a larger model but it still works perfectly (minus being down an HDMI port).

I would have no hesitation buying another Visio.

My last TV was a REFURBISHED 37" Vizio that I bought in 2006 from for ~$600 that only stopped working in 2010 because it got dropped during our last move (from the back of the UHaul … oops!) and replaced with a 46" Insignia LED lit TV from Best Buy

My grandma has had her 32" Vizio bought in 2009 running most of the day and night (she leaves it on even when she isn’t home because she thinks it deters break-ins, and leaves it on for background noise when she is, now that she lives alone) since it was new. Well, “new” as that was also a refurb, this one from Woot. I haven’t heard her complain about it once.

Small sample size, I know, but we’re 2 for 2 on Vizio TVs lasting. I’m going to call my TV as having lasted five years since there was nothing wrong with it until gravity won out against friction.

Yes…me. Several. TVs and DVD players.

We have had a 37in. from Costco for going on 7 years.It’s our main TV, on several hours a day.Never a problem, wish it had more inputs like these newer models.
Highly considering the 47in. as a replacement.