Your Choice Quick DUDE Wipes

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Your Choice Quick DUDE Wipes
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I just don’t like the idea of these at all…

I’ve actually used shower wipes while camping, and I loved them.

Worst, most disgusting product of the modern world. Their YouTube video “ad” is absolutely the most disgusting thing that I’ve seen in my sixty years. Nothing wrong with my sense of humor. But this video is made for men, with the mentality of thirteen year old boys that have the intelligence of Beavis and Butthead. Juvenile, scatological, toilet “humor”. I’m sad to say that my local Kroger sells this horrid, disgusting product. If this company could get away with it, they’d have a display of a rear-end with a guy in a turd suit, exiting the anus, replete with “skid marks” on each “cheek” just like the video! Gag!

Product Page with Reviews

I would not recommend dude wipes products. It is a fine idea to have an adult marketed wipe but the dude wipes tear easily and aren’t as usable as pretty much any normal baby wipe.

Strange array of Reviews on Amazon - either the reviewer thought these were the best thing ever, or they hated them They were either perfect or so thin they tore when you touched them.

For all the world, it seems like MANY, if not most of the 5-star reviews were written by the same person or small group of people. Single sentences, perfectly spelled, many with exactly the same title.

I suspect a coordinated effort at artificially pushing the ratings up to an average 3.5 stars. There are so many 1- and 2-star reviews, that’s the best they could accomplish.

Now, contrast that to the Cottonelle wipes for a roughly similar price as these and there’s a distinct difference in the ratings, and the Cottonelle ones have thousands of reviews, not just over 100.

Like so many Amazon reviews these days, I don’t trust these.


I bought a pack of Dude Wipes on clearance at my local grocery store. They had the consistency of wet toilet paper. No name brand baby wipes are thicker and tougher than these. I threw the pack away. Beware!

I’ve used these buttwipes before (I don’t care what anyone says, that’s what I call them). I’ve used buttwipes for about 20 years. I’ve always been self conscience about my crack’s cleanliness. I’ve probably used just about every brand sold in the US. These are pretty much in line with Scott’s naturals, just marketed towards men. My local market sells Dude wipes at $9 / 30oz. Not sure how that computes, but I’m pretty sure that means this is a good price for the product. I would say that this price puts them in line with its competitive products.

DUDE Wipes: Bringing the Whore’s Bath to the male portion of the population! For just a small fee, you too can wipe your nasty, filthy crotch with a towel and pretend that you’re following proper hygiene! CALL NOW!

__ Otis seldom plays by the rules, but this time it’s different. As his friendship with Liz turns into something more, he wonders, “Did the DUDE WIPES work?” He ripped off the gag and tossed it aside. “Talk all ya want, Liz,” he said. “Scream if ya want … ain’t nobody gonna hear ya.”

@daddyd01 - Are you talking about the Rob Dyrdek commerical? Yeah, then you are over reacting.

Beware, the Cottonelle have chemicals that will make your anus bleed over time. Read all the reviews. It happened to me. These are chemical free & work very well.

We usually pack unscented baby wipes in our trailer when dry camping. They work great to get the dirt off. The concept itself is not a bad idea. That said, these are NO replacement for getting your filthy butt into the shower with hot water and soap.

I’m not sure how it is you came to your conclusion, but I just lost my mother after being her care giver for the last 3-1/2 years, all of which time we solely used the Cottonelle flushable wipes. I chose them based on recommendations from the in-home aides I hired for a few hours a day to provide needed help. We used them every day, many times a day and found no such issues. Up until her passing, her skin was checked meticulously every time we bathed her because of two previous issues with having to have cancerous skin lesions removed from her legs years earlier. I believe if such an issue as you describe existed beyond someone having an allergic reaction possibly to something in them, they would have been removed from store shelves. I can only speak from my experience in saying, my mother had sensitive skin, and we kept them stocked at all times and used them religiously without any ill effects. They are good quality, worked effectively and were inexpensive. I’m not in any way qualified to make statements about their chemical make-up, nor do I discount the issue you experienced, but I can say I feel fortunate they were the product recommended to me and, that mom’s life was made better through their use.

Do they work on a Mac?

I’ve used these on multiple camping trips and AT hiking trips and thought they were “fine.” That’s not a glowing review perhaps, but they pack smaller and are lighter than carrying a typical Cottonelle wipes with their bulky packaging and hinge. Frankly I was more concerned with weight and packability.

Also for what it’s worth, they never tore apart on me. I don’t know how y’all do your business, but I am gentle. You’re not coal mining.

ROFL! Almost needed one of these reading that!

willyone: What a clear, temperate and useful response. No flaming; no character assassination. Simple, clear, respectful information. Thanks. And I’m sorry that you lost your mother. I suspect your care of her was excellent.