Your Choice: Revo 3pc or 4pc Luggage Set

Macy’s has some good reviews on some of the pieces in the Spin Set

[MOD: that’s the Spin 2; we’re selling the original Spin or Spin 1]

Does anyone know if the tote bag is small enough to count as a carry-on?

These bags aren’t crappy at all! My friend has this set and she loves them.

I’d say yes, given the dimensions in the specs. Even the 22" appears to be carry-on size. That’s the same size as the suitcase I use, and I refuse to check baggage these days. If you have really serious doubts though, I’d suggest checking out the website for the airline you’re flying; they’ll be able to tell you for sure. :slight_smile:

This is a beautiful set of bags and a great price!!! And, not being black, you can find your bags more easily on the carousel!

I want these because of that lovely shade of TARDIS blue. (And I think I might take it a step further by customizing at least one of the suitcases with a white paint pen - into a Police Call Box).

I remember when my eldest sister got luggage as a graduation present. She was very sad about it. This is a nice set but seems less “back to school” and more “gtfo”.

Agreed. College kids are too poor to go on trips that require nice luggage.

The 22" Revo Bolt bag gets good reviews at ebags, but be aware that its weight is listed as 10 lbs.

That’s what I’m getting my kids when they’re 18, a really good set of luggage and a couple armed forces brochures.

It looks like the one at Macy’s is listed as the “Spin 2” and has different wheels that what is pictured here.

Back to school? Who uses a suitcase as a backpack?

Here is a good review for the Bolt (22")

HA! I got luggage as my graduation present and i too was disappointed at the time. But it turns out my mom knew what she was doing as i’ve used that luggage numerous times over the past 10 years.

Someone gave me a set of luggage as a graduation gift. I used them for YEARS. Easily 10-15 years before buying new.

My son uses a carry-on for flying back and forth during the school year.

I’m in for a set of the Bolt cases. At the cost of bags these days, getting 4 for $149 + $5 is worth it. My main criterion is the handles, and these look to be sturdy enough to last for a few years anyway.

The weight of the large bolt means ‘no go’ for me! 6 pounds heavier than other brands (16.5 pounds).

should i get the bolt or the spin? I’m worried the suitcase would fall over being so heavy if i get the bolt, but also worried the wheels would be knocked off by the airlines if i get the spin.

If you don’t need a bunch of bags I’d go with the Spin. They look to be sturdy enough to survive at least a few trips. I have low expectations for bags these days, I guess.