Your Choice Showerheads

Lots of comments from when the Total Spa 24-Setting Combo Showerhead was sold back in January.

Previous Sale for the Dream Spa 30 as well

My set up from when I bought it.

As you can see, there’s plenty of clearance from the wall to the main head, and the hose for the second head is plenty long! :slight_smile:

On my shower heads, after I installed them, only a trickle of water came out, they were both set to water saving mode from the factory. So, if that happens to you, don’t worry, just change the setting to something else :slight_smile:

The yellow hue is just from the lights. The shower unit itself isn’t yellow.

I bought the 24 setting one during the last woot off. I removed the flow restrictions with some difficulty without trying it as it was first. It works and feels great! Just a couple of complaints… My plastic pollenex shower head had fewer holes, but good water pressure. This one has more holes and better water pressure. Consequently, where before I could take a 30 minute shower, now I get less than 10 minutes before the water goes cold. It’s just common sense and not the shower heads fault. I use a lot more water faster, but the showers are more enjoyable.

Thanks Woot! I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I’m sure this will get plenty of use.

Finally I have some money when this deal is on. Can’t wait to get it.

I have the same as bpr2. It’s a good showerhead, but you need to remove the flow regulators to get any decent flow from what I can tell unless you have godly water pressure already. The non-detachable head has a difficult to remove regulator that’s buried in it and hard to get to, but it seems to have better pressure by default due to the design. I’m happy with the purchase.

Oh Woot! how you tempt me! I am purchasing the shirt for myself and the media player for my grandmother. I want (really, really) want the Total Spa shower head. Decisions, decisions.

Do you have to mount the shower bar to use the dream one or can you use it without the bar?

I bought one of these on Woot recently. Even with the flow restrictor removed, an old man with a huge prostrate could produce a more forceful stream. This is one to avoid.

Blargh, I just bought the Dream Spa a week or two ago off here for $30. :frowning: If only I was clairvoyant, I could have saved some bucks.

You don’t have to use the bar. It’s for mounting the handheld shower head in a more convenient spot than up against the normal shower head.

Bought 3 of these last time. The detachable head is very handy for washing the dog or cleaning the shower or for times when you’re not showering alone. The wife’s friend/hairdresser also uses it when she comes over to do her hair. Not as good as a hair wash sink but gets the job done.

Dumb question: can they both work at same time?

This is a “VERY” good price. From all the shower heads I have looked at recently its about 50% off.

I am not in the market for one right now. Other wise I would snap this up.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah … sure its the lights. RIGHT!.. :slight_smile:

Why oh why do these wonderful showerheads NOT come in brass? I bought 3 of the chrome showerheads Woot offered last year, using one for myself (as I have only one bathroom with chrome fixtures and gave the other two away as gifts. Mixing chrome with brass simply does not work! The other two bathrooms in my house have brass fixtures. So Mr. Woot, if you offer these in brass, I will buy three and I’ll bet that others will do the same.

Didn’t this sell in January with a $89 retail price? I haven’t hooked mine up yet, but at first glance, it all looks and feels a little plasticky and cheap.

Bought this last time around - easy installation & works great. Flow restrictors are easy to take out. See some complaints about quality of construction, those concerns can be addressed if you are willing to spend $100+. For the $ this is a great value/product.

Purchased a dreamspa shower head back in May 2012 and sorely disappointed. Pressure was lacking and the fittings were made of plastic and began to leak within a month of installation. Would not recommend.

Picked up one of these instead and am loving it:

FYI- I’m well aware that removing the flow restrictor will increase water flow. However, my speakman shower head has the flow restrictor still in it and works wonderfully.