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Your Choice: SiliconDust Streaming Boxes
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Reviews for the Home Run

Psst… New Computers.Woot site reports a redirect loop.

We’re working on it. :\

Insert Jeopardy theme music here…

Time to learn all about and ok reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) on the HDTC-2US over at

Thanks TT! Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Product Page.


4 minutes later…. aaaaaaaaand it’s gone.

Maybe its the “weather” causing the loop issues?

“weather around the corner or around the world.”

I cant decide WHETHER or not to buy this woot. It does seem to fit the bill for my needs as long as the WEATHER doesn’t stop the OTA HD signals.

[MOD: Typo fixed. :tongue:]

So regarding the SimpleTV, I know that there is a subscription required for certain features. The previous models sold have come with a lifetime subscription. What does THIS one come with? I didn’t see anything in the description…

There is no subscription included with this model.

Hey TT - I’m still in the antichamber. Is that even possible or should I accept defeat and go to sleep?

For BOC? It’s sold out. You can close out.

I think I’ll pass. The reviews aren’t very good.,or.&bvm=bv.67720277,d.aWw,pv.xjs.s.en_US.u4s5c7_Kv3Q.O&biw=600&bih=935&tch=1&ech=1&psi=eROMU5jkFM6xyASw8oHICA.1401689391483.5&prds=hsec:reviews&sa=X&ei=WBSMU76DC8GgyASwyYHIDw&ved=0CI0BEPQCMAE

Can someone tell me whether I can use one of those three devices (preferably the cheapest one) in this way:

  1. Plug my HD antenna into it (I don’t have cable)
  2. Get the feed from that into my Raspberry Pi (via ethernet cable/home network) which is running XBMC (Raspbian).
  3. Watch TV and record TV on my Raspberry Pi (thereby replacing/supplementing my very old Tivo.)

If so, is it pretty easy to set that up?

I want to buy this but I’m not super tech savvy but it seems like the perfect add-on to my Rasberry Pi which I just got to work a week ago and which I love.

Strange, Woot! says the list price is $250 but on the Simple.TV site the $250 price point includes a year of their Premier Subscription service.

Just to lay it out for anyone who doesn’t want to go to their site and look, the subscription adds:
[]Whole-planet Remote Access
]Automatic Series Recordings
[]Pause & Resume on Select Devices
]Offline Viewing for Mobile Devices (Coming Soon)
[*]Early Access Pass (see the new features before everyone else)

Prices to add the Premier Subscription are:
[]$59.99 - 1 year
]$149.99 - Lifetime (You can get a 1st gen unit with lifetime for cheaper on Amazon and use it for both instead.)

I’ve been looking to get a HDHomeRun for years now but I must admit I’m a little torn between the Plus and the Simple.TV.

The specs indicate the Simple.TV has H.264 encoding like the Plus, so that’s good, but they also state the audio output is only AAC stereo which (if permanent) is a deal breaker for anyone who wants to preserve 5.1 surround from broadcast signals. Some reviewers of the Plus indicate that surround audio support was added to that device with a firmware update. Simple.TV also lacks the DLNA streaming capabilities of the Plus.

I’m skeptical as to whether the Simple.TV device will continue to receive support like I know the HDHomeRun Plus will, especially if company doesn’t make it (They’ve only been selling devices since late last year and they’re already on their second gen hardware after all).

[MOD: Thanks for the callout. We adjusted the list to $199.99. We are selling the BASIC version.]

Is this the new version of the Simple.TV dual?

or the old dual version:

The pictures show the new version but I wanted to verify this is the Simple.TV Dual revision 2 with the extra venting and better cooling.


Is this the new version of the Simple.TV dual?

I am running the GEN 1 and is not perfect but I am happy with it and they are working on the glitches.

I have the same concern with this deal.
I want to be sure this is the new issue with the venting and not the old one with the loud fan problem.