Your Choice Survivor Filter Equipment

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Your Choice Survivor Filter Equipment
Price: $22.99 - 54.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 01 to Monday, May 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Why would you filter a beer?


Thanks, but that is quite possibly the least useful review video I have ever seen based on a value-per-minute rating system. This isn’t a flame, it’s an acknowledgement of a low-water mark left by the Internet on my brain.

One of the best comments I’ve seen on here in long time…

How does this compare to the LifeStraw products?

Maybe it’s not beer, but --ahhh–ummm—used beer?

I have a few different styles and models of water filters and purifiers. One needs to know, these are TWO different ways to clean water whereas the purifier is the ONLY method I use if the water source is downstream in a vally, a lake, pond or swamp water (I also toss in a UV light for the final touch). Like they say, it’s what you don’t see that can kill you. But in short, I sent my son off the Costa Rica with a lifestraw water bottle. He was there for 7 days (school function). I went over the proper use of the water bottle and what it COULD and COULD NOT do. That being said, he was the ONLY one who did not get the run’s during the trip or after. Some of the students were filling (reusing) water bottles w/o filters and they got a little bit of the runs. He did not. Could have just been a fluke but I’ve used these for clean water but sorta questionable cleaning methods and never had a problem but you really have to make sure you do not contaminate the mouth piece. I do have a very expensive brand that uses iodine in the mix but it’s for back country, 3rd world nation situations and is military issued. Bottom line, if you don’t “test” your device before you need it, you will find out too late if it works or not.

I have a Katadyn filter similar to the Survivor Filter Pro (I wouldn’t bother with a Lifestraw-type filter – I’m normally filtering gallons at a time while backpacking).

The Katadyn is a similar price, but the filters are twice the size (but also twice as expensive to replace).

So the 2 systems seem to be about equal. The Survivor Pro claims to filter better, but I’ve never gotten sick after 10 years of backpacking with the Katadyn.

Overall, if I had to replace mine, I’d choose whichever saved me a few dollars. Just remember to always carry more than 1 filter at a time. You never know when 1 is going to stop working, or when the water you encounter is going to be extremely dirty.

Wow, thanks! I can’t really take credit for that one, though. It’s the combination of Adderall (taken under MD supervision!), Coke Zero and processed organic foods for breakfast. Strange crap floats across my brain at lightning speeds at moments like these. Entertaining? Yes. Safe for work? Depends on the day…