Your Choice TSN BCAA Hyperblend Anabolic

Great reviews (9.1 out of 10.0) over at and check out the product page

OK you got the right stuff this time right? I gots the cash right here. We don’t want any of that 10 serving switcheroo this time right? You know how that turned out…

The taste is okay, but the real secret lies in the fact that it make a pretty good bubble bath. And I feel god knowing that I’m supporting an American company while I’m immersed naked in the amino acids. My doggie seem to like the taste so I have to shoo him away as I melt away decades of stress from an undulating husband. Seems to make a good facial rub too, which my dog and and ex-convict husband enjoys licking off. Finally, it’s not an egg substitute but should be used during workouts to maximize cellular extubation. It is indeed worth more than its weight, whether in metric or watts.

A prob blend of just over 3 grams of bcaa’s and other ingredients, is really underdosed. My usual brand has 7 grams per serving of bcaa’s. Definitely pass on this one.

I have 3 in cart, but can’t get the free shipping…

[MOD: Sorry, free shipping ended Friday at midnight CT.]

I received my order and it is NOT what is pictured. I received their NON-ENERGY blend!!!