Your Choice: Upper Body Home Equipment

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Your Choice: Upper Body Home Equipment
Price: $12.99 - 36.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Monday, Jan 12 to Tuesday, Jan 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
12/30/2014 - $12.99 - 36.99

Just got the pull-up bar from the woot last week!:blush: Works well! Worth $20 w shipping.

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the Power Press Push Up over at amazon

The Iron Gym looks interesting, but looking at my apartment and the condition of the doorframes/walls, I suspect it would not be the wisest idea.

is this the contraption Harry Reid got his ass kicked on? :smiley:

I like the last one for $36 for pushups. Will shape up your hands and chest to become “beach-ready” for this summer.

Did I just coined marketing term in fitness?

I have the chin-up bar thingy. Other than the fact that the foam blackens white door frames, I like it a lot. Hung in the doorway to my bedroom/office. I work from home, and all day long, every time I pass through the doorway I do a couple crunches outbound, and a couple pull-ups inbound.

Comments from the previous sale including the product page with a vid.

man, i’m a sucker for comments… I also wfh and this sold me.

I love the picture of the dude with the hand & forearm trainer. He’s sitting there like, “what is this thing?”

I don’t know either, man.

Iron Gym pull-up bars are great, but my local Wal-Mart has Gold’s Gym brand pull-up bar for $12 and it’s the same construction as far as I can tell. If you get a pull-up bar, you might also measure your door frame and make sure it will fit. My apartment has 34" frames so the standard Iron Gym pull-up bar will not fit. I ended up getting the “Perfect Fitness Perfect Multi Gym” on Amazon a few days ago on sale for $22 shipped. Much more solid than the standard Iron Gym, too.

I have had a Power Press for quite a while, and it is pretty great for the days I can’t make it to the gym. Let me just say that the ladies like what they see because of the work I’ve done with the Power Press. LOL. OK, maybe not, but I hope my workouts with it will keep me from an early grave due to obesity.

Agree 100%. I got it last week as well. Simple to put together and feels much more solid than I expected.

Bought the Iron Gym a couple years ago when it was part of the set with the ropeless jump rope and rotating push up disks.

After using it a few minutes most days for a year and a half, the foam pads that protect the door frame wore all the way through, and I had to twist them around to get fresh padding against the door. In the past couple months the foam grips have gotten so thin, it’s like gripping bare metal.

I’m debating whether to buy this again, to go for a cheaper one on ebay that uses rubber instead of foam for the door pads, or find a more expensive one that might hold up better.

I’ve gotten the Iron Gym Express and the Iron Arms thing through Woot, and am reasonably happy with both.

When I put up the Iron Gym Express I used painter’s tape and pieces of cardboard cut from the box it was shipped in to protect the door frame from the foam on the handle bars. From the comments every time this is for sale, that was probably a good choice. It’s not fancy looking, but at least I don’t have to worry about my security deposit.

With regards to the Iron Arms, I’ve still only used it once (came Monday this week) but it certainly hit muscles in my forearm that were not getting worked otherwise, so I’m happy about that.

Anyone here ever work in construction? Ever set interior doors and door trim? Google pull up fail, just for giggles.
If you knew how doors were set and the trim attached I’m not sure you’d be putting your weight on any doorway hung pull up bar.