Your Choice: VIZIO 1080p LED SmartTV

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Your Choice: VIZIO 1080p LED SmartTV
Price: $299.99 - 1149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 23 to Monday, Apr 28) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I have the 60" one of these and love it.
The only isssue is that it doesn’t come with an HBO-Go app and you can’t download that app from the store.

None of the built-in interfaces on tvs or blu-ray players comes close to the functionality or usability of a Roku. It’s more important to have excellent picture and sound. Any of these contenders?


My thoughts exactly !

I’ve seen these in Costco. While it is always hard to tell from a store display, from I’ve seen they are competitive with some of the more expensive brands. I bought a 24" Vizio from Woot and have been satisfied with it.

I have a strange sense of Deja-vu regarding this sale. I’ve seen this before.

So is the 55 inch 3d? The features says yes but the specs don’t mention it.

If you scroll waayyy down in the specs, the 55" states ‘Yes’ for Theater 3D. Get those glasses ready!

Vizio TV’s on woot? Noooo… :slight_smile:

I have the 55" version of this TV. Got it at Costco last summer for $950 NEW (but also got %3 back and no tax as I bought in Oregon).

Great TV, top pick from

Sound is fair using built-in speakers. Fine for news and “calm” TV shows, I have sound system hooked up

Plenty of HMDI inputs.

I can easily throw videos from my phone/laptop via Chrome to the TV… TV has a building functionality of a Chromecast

If you play games (Console/PC) you’ll be happy to know that Cnet had this TV as one of the best for low-input lag.

Check Cnet reviews for detailed info on this. They also have recommended calibration settings

My $.02

Note: If you are Amazon Prime, they have a deal on Vizio’s right now. The 40" with Prime discount is only $20 more than the refurb here and it’s new with a full warranty…and free shipping.

Cirrius: Link?

I bought the 70" m series from Costco about 3 months ago. I was disappointed in the picture in the store, but still bought it based on its price. When I got it home and playing blu-rays, I was no longer disappointed. The picture really is incredible for the price. Even the 3d (which I always thought was a silly gimmick, and can’t imagine watching a full length film in) is better than I expected. Yes, the sound is a bit tinny at first, but it’s no deal breaker. Very slim profile and thin margins outside the screen makes it look awesome with a slim wall mount. The remote was unresponsive and miserable at first, but since a recent update, it’s great. Point in any direction, even completely away from the tv. The apps work quite well, but admittedly, I really only use hulu and Netflix. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and still love the tv.

Amazon link to Vizio deal

I ordered the 55" on woot! got mine today and it looks like this

You can’t see the damage when the TV is off so I was really sad to see that when we finally plugged it in there was a huge crack on the screen. This is was my first time using woot and this is a bad way to start :frowning:

did you guys get the 0RIGNal remote or did the replace with mentioning it until you get and see a peice of papr from mexicva