Your Choice: VIZIO 1080p LED SmartTV

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Your Choice: VIZIO 1080p LED SmartTV
Price: $289.99 - 469.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, May 19 to Thursday, May 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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4/19/2014 - $299.99 - 1,149 - 15 comment(s)

Time to check out the product page for the M47IA2, M401IA3, and the M32IA2

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I read that you can browse the web via Google Chrome that is baked into these tvs. I’m wondering if you can install a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to use with the tv as well?

I would love to know where the 60" models are… The description lists them, but then they are not available! C’mon, Woot! Don’t tease us like that!

It’s the SUPER HIDDEN 60" VIZIO in a Plus event on Woot.

I bought this TV for my daughter and it is too advanced for the latest Directv box so I can’t even hook that up to it.

BTW: You Can you mouse and keyboard :slight_smile:

I have the 55" 3D version of this TV and it DOES NOT HAVE A WEB BROWSER BUILT IN! It dosent seem like any vizo TVs has a web browser. There is a Smart TV Box by Vizio that has a browser in it.

Other then that I love this TV Great picture and it look so good! Nice looking, Thin, And its pretty light!
9 out of 10 IMO. 10 if it had a web browser

I bought the 47" Smart TV I think about 6-7 months. I am pleased with the color. Smart options are OK but I prefer the way Samsung has them setup.

My biggest complaint is that the referb. I got takes about 30-45 seconds after it displays the VIZIO logo and goes to a black screen to show any sort of picture. On the VIZIO non-smart TV it takes only a few seconds.
3 out of 5 stars.

I bought the 32" for my bedroom a few weeks ago. Fantastic picture. I use the Netflix app a lot and it works pretty much flawlessly. You can also set up Plex on your PC to stream movies to your TV through the built in multimedia app.

Can you stream a Slingbox through this TV?

So tempting because I bought a Vizio 30" from Amazon and love the picture and Netflix ability. So not tempting because my previous purchase of a refurb Vizio thru WOOT wouldn’t connect to wireless and WOOT “customer support” was non-existent.A real hassle to return and get refund. No WOOT electronics for me.
My new Vizio seems to work great, but there’s a flood of refurb Vizios on WOOT and similar sites. Does Vizio have a particular Achilles’ heel or reason for so many refurbs?

I only have my own personal experience to go off of, but I’m personally experiencing very poor app/SmartTV feature function on my 50" VIZIO and the TV does not always communicate well with the remote control. Extremely frustrating issues that are not reliably reproduced, making them difficult to troubleshoot and they don’t qualify for any sort of reimbursement, they just make actual use of the product extremely frustrating.

I looked on Amazon about getting a new one and with my prime membership, i ended up getting $90 off making the total $359 with free 2day shipping. For some reason they did add tax, but so is woot.

HP has loads of refurbs on here. We have a monitor for about 7 years, 25.5 inches and heck it’s running like a charm for that long. Same with a desktop If it dies, I will have gotten my $200 plus or minus worth. It never appeared refurbished and had no name on it until I saw the HP icon on the nightlight area. The same with Dyson, 7 Dysons, all but 1 bought here refurbished and never a problem. I’m going by that and the 1 Samsung TV we bought for 1 of the guest bedrooms. That’s our opinion for what it’s worth.


Less than 24hrs Woot customer service issued a Credit enough to buy 2 new remotes!! No questions asked that is pretty AWESOME customer service!!

Thanks Woot :slight_smile:

Order #48xxxxx
I downloaded the Manual for the 47" TV and it shows the new remote with back light.

The Control that came with it states it is a substiute remote. You can not pair it to the Tv under settings it will not pair.

but it states it is already paired.

The remote sucks bad i have to aim it exaxtly at the IR reciever to get it to work.

i was getting so dang frustrated setting up the TV and having to type with the remote that sucks!

its nothig like the stock remote , this one just plain sucks.

i have boughten thousands of dollars from woot merchandise and in six years i had two issues.

One a Vizio tv was DOA i wanted a replacement but that was not an option do to they didnt have any or equivelent.They paid the shipping

and a childls metal detector DOA however they were Able to replace it, and they didnt want the DOA one back!

Woot/Amazon all have been really good to me. I dont expect they can do much, howver it would have been cool if iT was stated somwhere in the specs.

this remote truly really with out question sucks! i rthink i made my point :slight_smile:

where can i find the original remote and why did Vizio trick us and sneek in NON BACK LIGHTED AWESOME REMOTE!!!

now im using expreassion

no mention of a replacement remote, just states it has one.but absoultly replaced with generic garbage remote…

othe than that the tv is bw

I have the same probable it want come on and I having a hard time getting it replace I just want my money back I don with them.

I bought the 32-inch Vizio but the tuner does not pick up any channels so I’ll have to return it. Bummer. Wireless worked fine and picture looked good though FWIW.