Your Choice Workout Supplement

“Excellent” reviews (8.4 out of 10.0) on the Assault Pre-Workout over at and check out the product page for the whey protein

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Your Choice Workout Supplement
Price: $17.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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You know the picture shows Energizing Whey, but the description lists a regular, non-energizing protein. Also, since it says to pick a pre or post workout supplement, that also seems to suggest that the whey supplement is not the energizing one, because that energizing whey supplement is most definitely a pre-workout supplement with all the caffeine it has in it. I have it and took some this morning. Totally not a post workout thing. The stuff is pretty strong. I think 1 serving is just a bit too much for me, in fact.

I just want to chime in here and say(TO MY UNDERSTANDING) that whey protein is not very healthy for men. It is better if us can use EGG PROTEIN.(also it tastes DELISH!!!)

I think you are confusing whey protein with soy protein, unless their are some new studies on whey I am unfamiliar with?

HUH whey protein is not good for men I think your thinking SOY protein…If I’m wrong then that explains why Marley and me made me tear up…

Actually yes soy is also very bad for men.
But I’m talking about whey
U should check it out.

Thats a good price for the Assault. Little warning though. Last pre-workout I bought off of Woot turned hard as a rock a couple weeks after opening it. Think about it… Why would these be so cheap? Because it was not selling at whatever venue it was at before Woot. How long did it sit on their (the original retailer) shelves and under what conditions?


One thing to remember is that these are water soluble, and as such will absorb water if able. Originally shipped with a packet to absorb moisture, once that becomes saturated, the product will then absorb water. Turning into a rock, or as I like to think, “chewable”.

What flavor is the assault?

Also if you check on Amazon the price for a 60 serving size is equivalent to 2 of these. You can’t go wrong with Amazon.

Who seriously buys pre-workout not knowing the flavor…

I didn’t see any valid articles regarding whey being unsafe for men. I only saw unscientific articles written by Joe Schmoe with no sources badmouthing whey. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet or even unreputable newspapers. I’m sure without looking very hard, I could find plenty of articles saying how bad apples are for your health.

Be careful. One thing to note, I’m pretty sure this is the old formula of assault. I’ve used both, currently using the new formula, which is one my favorites I’ve tried. Don’t buy if you think it’s the new formula


I don’t think it works like that. You throw a claim out there without backing it up… so now we have to look up what the hell joe shmoe on woot is talking about?

The onus is on you to substantiate your claims, not everyone else.

I’m a certified personal trainer with a background in nutrition. This is probably one of the most uneducated statements I have read, especially among the Woot! community. I thought everyone here was brighter than the average bear?

Neither soy nor whey has any ill effects on men, and since others have pointed to your obvious lack of source data, I’ll assume you’re simply trolling, with no real agenda other than to add a modicum of drama to your dull existence.

But for those who are actually curious, a simple meta analysis of testing quickly dismisses this horribly long-standing false relationship between soy and testosterone:

And whey? I won’t even bother citing research, as whey is one of the most studied, highly-bioavailable sources of protein period.

Ahh, to live in a bubble …

Amen indeed.

Assault is good stuff…there is some difference between the old and new forumlas as I believe someone has mentioned. Grape flavor is decent too!

We have that listed on the detail page- the flavor of that one is grape.


Grape. Check the description. Maybe it wasn’t there when you posted, but it’s there now…