Your Choice Yukon Outfitters Edged Tools

I’m wondering where these are manufactured? Also, for the Mountain tool, does anyone have any experience with this and the 420 Stainless steel it’s made from? From what I’ve read online, 420 is usually too soft and doesn’t hold an edge well.

China is the country of origin.

The Mountain Tool is always sold out by the time I find it on here. Sad days.

how heavy is the survival machete? You’d want a little heft if you’re trailblazing


Add 1.3 lbs behind that 17" blade to help you blaze the ultimate trail to survival/adventure!

Hey Yukon Outfitters. Can ya’ll just sell the Mountain Tool at this price on your site or Amazon or something so I don’t have to wait for it to come around and probably sell out before I get one again?

Would be greatly appreciated.

Agreed, I wanted one of these also… especially for the sweet price of $20.

For $20? Yes, China. American labor costs, taxes, profit, etc would price this thing quite a bit above that.

As for the 420, it is soft but that makes it easier to sharpen and more corrosion resistant. The driver for this steel is low cost.