Your Dad has Eyeballs!

For the lenses, what does it mean when it says “silver reflex”? Does that mean the lenses are mirrored vs. the regular gray lenses? Native’s FAQ is pretty ambiguous:

Q: What exactly does it mean if a goggle has a “Reflex” lens?
A: The lens has increased fashion and increased function by reflecting additional light.

The buyer clarified- that it is basically just “silver mirrored” but they sure make it sound fancy.

Awesome. Thank you!

The Native site doesn’t make this clear, are the SportFlex lenses that come with the “Sprint Polarized Sunglasses” also polarized, or are only the copper lenses polarized? Their site seems to imply that only the coppers are polarized.

same question from me are the second set polarized also?

Ok after reading around the internet a bit it seems the 2nd set of lenses is not polarized.

They are not! But our buyer had a good explanation as to why:

For what it’s worth, I had a pair of Native polarized glasses a couple years ago… they made me go cross-eyed insane. I don’t get the allure of polarized lenses, to me, they just confuse my eyes. I threw those glasses out, I couldn’t take it.

Same glasses are available here for $45 and they come with the case, which these don’t mention.

What exactly is a “cooper” lens? Can I only wear these whilst I make me barrels?

All Sprint lense info here: