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Once again I am here to ask if anybody has the Pioneer TV Speaker Base and if the bluetooth is wonky as some reviews suggest. Anybody?

Factory reconditioned speakers…

Are they worth the buy? Would they last?

I think I made a mistake :frowning:

yesterday I ordered the Pinnacle soundbar (based on previous satisfaction with their Baby Boomer sub-woofer and Element 5 floor speakers)…

After the fact, I researched the speakers on the internet - very little reviews, but what little I did find were not very flattering.

Does anyone have this soundbar? I’m hoping it’s not as bad as what I read…

It seems a matter of what ppl are expecting. It is designed to significantly improve the audio of the new super thin flatscreen TVs. If you want bass you’d need the system w/sub but it seems plenty have been very happy with the soundbar by itself; see customer comments here:

I have the Mirage Omni 550’s and 150’s on order and seem to have found the matching center is near impossible to find else where. Thinking of buying one more pair of 150’s and just using one for a center. Anyone have these and have thoughts on this idea or just impressions of these speakers in general?