Your Ideas

I’m gonna wear the woot out of this shirt!

While yellow, orange and brown are the neapolitan ice cream of colors, and the typography is great, the message is a little aggressive for my taste.

The t-shirt is so hostile, that it shut down the website.

As soon as I saw this shirt I burst out laughing. Definitely getting one.

I guess the message is that compact fluorescents rule, and incandescents drool.

With this shirt, you no longer need to waste time and ask for my opinion.
It’s a good thing too, you do tend to forget to ask…

I like that he’s kickin’ it old school! Cute design.

I don’t know, I feel like saying “sucks” is a bit crude. I feel like I could find a similarly sarcastic and rude shirt on any old shirt site.

It reminds me of something from a Venture Bros. episode. I think a very similar looking bulb was
guiding an old video about the Venture compound in one of the episodes.

Found it!

What sucks is when the person who’ll wear this owns REAL sucky ideas

Such a motivating shirt.

Beautiful shirt. I love the visual style. I’d definitely be in for one, but “Your text sucks!”

Seriously, pseudo-personal hostility on T-shirts got old around 2001, and even then you had to be publicly seen walking into a Hot Topic to buy them.

Better luck next time, Woot.

Shouldn’t it say “screw” your ideas?

That’s not a nice thing to say.

This shirt would be useful, yet unwanted, at most of my work meetings.

This shirt would be best worn by employees of the patent office or the judges of a fifth grade sicence fair

Not a fan of the brown shirt but I did immediately laugh out loud when I saw it…and do continue to snicker each time I look a it! Funniest shirt on woot lately!

man, that’s an ugly message. who’s idea was it to print that?

Not so sure how this shirt would go over at any engineering firm’s Casual Friday.