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These oven mitts are useless. I have two hands and I use both of them. Why have just one right-hand mitt?

…because you use the pot holder on the other hand…like you would find at any store where you buy a single oven mitt (not a pair) and it usually comes with 1 or 2 pot holders with it…

I guess I need to go feel a sateen finish sheet in a store and see what it’s like.

This item lists that there are two sizes, but when you access the item it only has the Queen listed.

1000TC Sheet Set - White - 2 Sizes

RE: Conair You Style Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Styler- CD89

Can any of the mods vouch this curling iron is DEFINITELY ceramic? The photo seems to show a stainless steel model, and googling the model # only turns up the “instant heat” model available from Kmart.
Really want this sucker if it’s truly a ceramic model.
I know you guys are busy with the woot off, but…

Does anyone know just how flat the 72-Piece wooden hangers are? Im guessing closer to 1/4" than 1/2".